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The Berghorst Saga: As The Kettle Spins

In as much as I am ever loathe to Publish anything which might tend to disassociate Heather Berghorst and her Family from what I consider to be reprehensible actions, I try to run a tight ship. Heather Berghorst, owner of Berghorst Enterprises and National Association of Mortgage Field Services Secretary, would appear to have dodged some drama; however, ramped up the Corporate Liability in my opinion.

I just got off the phone with a person whom we shall say has intimate knowledge about the Podcast which aired last night pertaining to the firing of a Berghorst Enterprises Employee after a Christmas Party.

On the night in question, with specificity to the employee saga, it would appear that there is a subtle spin to the encounter. It was not Doug Berghorst whom escorted this employee home. It was Devin Berghorst; Devin being Heather and Doug Berghorst’s son. The understanding is that the employee was inebriated to the point of concern and Devin Berghorst followed the employee home to ensure that she did not become another statistic, for want of better words. Now, here in Tennessee, we simply call a cab, but that is neither here nor there.

The employee in question returned to work the next morning and the smell of ethyl alcohol was quite pervasive. Noticed by a colleague of the employee as the story goes a Manager was notified. At that point-in-time Human Resources came to the employee’s desk and required the employee in question to obtain her purse and was driven by the Human Resources agent to a “clinic” wherein a breathalyzer was administered — twice in a half hour period was stressed.

While not above the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) to drive, the employee was driven to her home wherein a friend met her to return to Berghorst Enterprises to get her car. The following morning, the employee’s Manager wanted to fire the employee. Apparently, Heather and Doug Berghorst interceded on her behalf and prevented the firing. It should be noted that no one else within Berghorst Enterprises were subjected to a BAC during this occasion nor ever during the same period of time.

Several weeks later, the employee was, “…at the top of the list…” of layoffs which consisted of “…4 – 5…” people. The employee was never made aware of any Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act  (WARN) Notifications which I believe is important to note. The employee collected unemployment for several weeks and was then called back to work for a month or less and was then finally permanently laid off.

This information is derived from a High Value Target and is assessed as Actionable Intelligence. That is the only reason that I am publishing the rebuttal to last night’s Foreclosurepedia Podcast. All other aspects of the Podcast were substantiated including all information pertaining to the pervasive avoidance of payments to Contractors.

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