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Technological Crashes Industrywide

Day after day after day we are witnessing a technological nightmare manifest itself within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Foreclosurepedia has been reporting upon the fact that the Industry is beholden to only two National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) technology providers: East Point Systems and Property Preservation Wizard (PPW). And to get the information from the field to those two providers there is only one provider allowed in the game: Pruvan. Pruvan announced today yet another collapse in their systems which means that Labor is, once again, held hostage to those whom pay NAMFS the gate fee.

The following was issued out by Assurant Field Asset Services moments ago,

July 23, 2015

Dear Vendor Partner,

The myFAStrack applications are currently unavailable for use. Pruvan Support is working to resolve the issue. AFAS will keep you updated on the status and availability.

Thank you,

Vendor Management

Foreclosurepedia encourages the Industry to take a look at our Enterprise Vendor Management Platform (EVMP). Unlike the antiquated technology used by the rest of the Industry which is both antiquated and from a performance point of view is at its end of life cycle, the EVMP requires on phone application to work from the field. More on this tonight.

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