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Summer #Hack-A-Thon Underway

I have a couple of fairly close connections over on my Google+ Page whom post some pretty scary images from time-to-time. What I am driving at is some of the folks down in Florida are showing gas prices well over the four dollar mark. Now, I am not a mathmitizer, but I do know that when you fuel up a truck, mower, weed eater, blower and edger twice in a day plus the costs incurred before ever turning that key over, those $20 grass cuts along with those 3 – 10 page PCRs do not allow for ANYONE to break even unless they are taking the City Bus.

This observation is nothing new; the reality is that there really hasn’t been all that much of a decline in pricing at the Prime Vendor Level for the Order Mills. The Order Mills themselves have simply begun dramatically dropping prices to make up for a lower volume count.

My solution was to simply flip the bird at the Order Mills and diversify. Now, that isn’t an option for everyone. The stark reality is that compared to this time last year; that regardless of what the Drive By Social Media is whispering in their huddled masses, we have had a tremendous loss in true business men and women. Today, I turn down about 1 in 3 whom reach out to me for Consulting. The primary reason for this is because while these folks have a business license, they do not understand business. To better illustrate what I am talking about, this is a portion of a Paper I am reading in the current mBio entitled, Comprehensive Functional Analysis of N-Linked Glycans on Ebola Virus GP1,

All 15 N-glycosylation sites of EBOV GP1 could be removed without compromising the expression of GP. The loss of these 15 glycosylation sites significantly enhanced pseudovirion transduction in Vero cells, which correlated with an increase in protease sensitivity. Interestingly, exposing the receptor-binding domain (RBD) by removing the glycan shield did not allow interaction with the endosomal receptor, NPC1, indicating that the glycan cap/MLD domains mask RBD residues required for binding. The effects of the loss of GP1 N-linked glycans on Ca2+-dependent (C-type) lectin (CLEC)-dependent transduction were complex, and the effect was unique for each of the CLECs tested.

Gibberish to most; however, to the trained it makes perfect sense. This is the precipice we have reached within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. The sheer volume of hacks; these are the folks whom have bought an ebook or picked up a Platt Porn Comics Cliff Notes, and are out there on autopilot like the Borg in Star Trek. The amount of complete and utter destruction these folks are capable in a single day is mind boggling! Even more serious is the fact that the Industry is rapidly running out of trained personnel to pick up the pieces.

Maybe that is for the best. Perhaps the Industry simply wants illegal aliens working as I know of no way that honest, law abiding Contractors are capable of performing much longer. Or and this is a BIG OR perhaps the Industry is going to a predominately Regional approach with the subs being firms employing W2 employees?! When it rolls out, don’t say I didn’t tell you so!

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