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Sterling BackCheck: Or Is That Sterling InfoSystems?

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime is always out looking for a new angle to hustle and screw Contractors. Even its Membership, such as CoreLogic, run high on the hog when we talk about the latest Background Check scandals. When the NAMFS Regime realized that the payout on the Aspen Grove Solutions Background Checks was not going to be lucrative enough, they decided to bring in another fish. Everyone is already familiar with how Aspen Grove Solutions utilizes First Advantage to conduct, well, a money fleecing operation as they damn sure do not perform background checks via Social Security Number.

CoreLogic (NYSE: CLGX), a leading provider of information, analytics and business services, today announced an agreement to sell its Employer Services and Litigation Support businesses. The businesses will be acquired by Symphony Technology Group (STG), and will operate under the brand name First Advantage. CoreLogic will retain the remaining businesses that had been part of the former First Advantage Corporation that were acquired in November 2009.

First Advantage has, for quite sometime, been under litigation from a plethora of people including a recent lawsuit filed this year, for providing incorrect background checks. So, it was not surprising that the NAMFS Regime sold their soul and Membership out to collect whatever Wells Fargo and Aspen Grove were offering to the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors. Matter of fact, CoreLogic, vis-a-vis their shady connections is pending a whale of a Background Check lawsuit right now which implicates the bullshit First Advantage hocks as legitimate. Do you think Eric Miller, the overweight and overpaid NAMFS Regime Executive Director whom receives OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES gives a fuck? Hell no. Miller, whom has NEVER PHYSICALLY WORKED in the field services industry, simply continues to collect the obscene payments from corrupt NAMFS Regime Members and whatever else is ponied up.

Sterling InfoSystems, now known as Sterling BackCheck, had good reason to change their name. It is additionally worthy to note that the Sterling BackCheck is influenced by their absorption of a Canadian outfit — that’s right a FOREIGN NATIONAL — which conducts the background checks. Now how, precisely Canadians in the case of Sterling BackCheck and the Irish in the case of Aspen Grove Solutions, have a need to possess TENS OF THOUSANDS OF FILES ON US CITIZENS AND THEIR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS I have no idea. What I do know is that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services is stating through its actions that they DO NOT TRUST AMERICANS to perform these jobs. The NAMFS Regime is additionally stating that shipping American Jobs overseas is the preferred method of profit mongering.

With Contractors reporting that Sterling BackCheck is demanding the production of photocopies of their Banking Records to prove whom they are, we decided to take a look at the seedy underbelly of Sterling BackCheck. We were not only shocked, we were convinced that the Background Check System the NAMFS Regime is putting into place poses a Clear and Present Danger to the National Security of the United States. To explain my position, here is what Sterling BackCheck does when hard working African Americans apply for a job,

A Manhattan man says he was offered a job by Halstead Management as a doorman, only to have the offer rescinded after a background check found he had felony and misdemeanor convictions.

But the background check company, Sterling Infosystems, turned up the dirt on the wrong Kevin Jones — the person was a different race and had a different middle name, yet the company refused to acknowledge the mistake, court papers say.

Sterling BackCheck refuses to comment on either the aforementioned or plethora of other stigmatizing issues. In fact, Scott Neuman, Sterling BackCheck’s Regional Sales Manager simply stated,

Thanks Paul. I did some research on my end and defuse the situation. I am still working on getting you in front of my CEO Billy Greenblatt, once i get some feedback i will be back in touch.

Hmnn, defuse? How about correct the situation? I mean the way things are looking is that NAMFS Regime Members are collecting an enormous amount of personal and financial data for very strange purposes. My belief is that the fraud which has been perpetrated thus far will eventually extend out to create illegal schemes involving Contractor Data and Accounts. Whether or not this will eventually happen is immaterial. What is material is the fact that these fly by night National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills are going bankrupt by the hour. The question presents where is your information then?

When Heather Berghorst, the disgraced former Secretary of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, clears out her books for bankruptcy, she is going to sell off a tremendous amount of equipment. Some of that equipment contains hard drives. Deleting information is not an option. Give me ANY HARD DRIVE which has been deleted and I am able to resurrect the information. That is why hard drives MUST BE DESTROYED.

So, will Sterling BackCheck sit down and explain why they believe their services are legal and legitimate? Absolutely not; they cannot risk the fallout of actually telling the truth. I base this upon,

Jones’ suit says the company lied about using official court records, and had actually obtained the info from a bulk data collection service.

Billy Greeblatt, Sterling BackCheck’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) knows precisely what is at stake with respect to the Background Check Indsutry. Greenblatt’s 24th floor, corner office overlooking NY Harbor gives a person the ability to contemplate the meaning of life. The question, though, is whether it allows for Greenblatt to understand how his actions ruin other lives. Tara Chernecke and Brandon Williams would state that it does not.

Chernecke was an R.N. working in the state of Indiana. She applied for, and was offered, a job paying $30 an hour at a hospital operated by Norton Healthcare. Norton is a conscientious company who runs national criminal background checks on all their employees. They entrusted their Background Check to Sterling Infosystems, a huge background check firm located in the heart of NY’s financial district. Unfortunately, inaccurate results, and a failure to do a double-check, cost Ms. Chernecke her job.

The inaccurate national criminal background check results showed that Tara had been arrested for possession of a controlled subject. The problem is, she had no criminal record. By the time the correct evidence was brought to light, her “almost” position was already filled. She is currently suing Sterling Infosystem and the case is pending. However, she isn’t the only one who has suffered the loss of a job due to the failures of big industry criminal background checks.

Sterling Infosystems also pulled inaccurate criminal record results for Brandon Williams, who was in line to receive a salary of $35,000/year job, because Sterling said he had been arrested for multiple offenses and had served jail time, none of which was true. Mr. Williams sued Sterling as well and the case was settled out of court.

While Greeblatt may believe he is King of the Hill in his small world, the reality is that Americans are growing extremely weary of having Corporations destroy their lives and toss a tip on the way out. The reality is that Greenblatt is probably the worse of the two options at the NAMFS Regime Fraud Fest. Maybe Greeblatt reaches out and changes my mind, but I believe with Shabbat rapidly approaching, he will take a pass. Sooner or later, Contractors and Clients alike are going to wake up and file suit against the monopolization which Wells Fargo and the NAMFS Regime have forced down people’s throats. At least I hope they do and that it comes under control before folks decide to take up the Pitchforks like we wrote about yesterday.

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