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State of Play: Contractor Guilds Joining Ranks

For several years now, Foreclosurepedia has headed up the East Tennessee Property Preservation Guild (ETNPPG).  Recently, ETNPPG has begun accepting Contractors from other regions whom have expressed both a desire to learn the trade and whom additionally subscribe to the belief of collective negotiation.  Currently, ETNPPG membership includes California, Kentucky, Indiana, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia.  The results?  Higher quality of work for the Clients, higher pay for the Contractors and both legal and legislative representation of Membership.

ETNPPG was recently the recipient of an anonymous grant to open an official headquarters in East Tennessee.  There were several stipulations to the grant, one of which was to publicly raise awareness of ETNPPG and begin to allow for a larger percentage of membership to originate from outside East Tennessee.  Ultimately, now, ETNPPG will become a National Guild as our Membership has increased to well over 500 Contractors.

Our vision for Contractor Collective Agreements has never changed nor will the vision Nationally.  We have been successful here in East Tennessee in terms of consolidating the talent pool and we anticipate the same Nationally.  What does this mean for you, the Contractor?  Well, with profits rising daily for Awardees and pay dropping well below minimum wage for Contractors, it gives you a voice.  For the first time in the Property Preservation Industry it gives Contractors the ability to know that once base level of pay has been crossed all Contractors will stand together and switch industry gears.  It also will begin to allow for the provisions of 29 CFR to be more appropriately applied.

Accordingly, this is the first in an ongoing series profiling the ETNPPG.  In January we will hire our first full time employees for the Guild and begin hosting Regional organizational meetings.  As I receive hundreds of emails weekly about the ETNPPG, this post should make many of our readership happy.  Foreclosurepedia has never attempted to isolate those outside of East Tennessee from the Guild; we simply never realized that there was such a fervor by other Contractors at the grassroots level.

If your Company, or you as a Contractor, wish to participate and/or host a Regional meeting simply drop us a line and we will place you on the mailing list.  In closing, as our benefactors are involved in the financial sectors they have requested to remain anonymous.  With that said, ETNPPG will respect such.

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