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Sometimes It Works Out

This is a short post on a recent encounter we had with AMSREO.  By-in-large, Nationals have the ability to screw the common Contractor and generally do.  I suppose that we really shouldn’t be bitter; if you allow an unruly child to go unchecked long enough it is the only behavior they know.

With that said, we were contacted by AMSREO to do some emergency work for them which had slipped through the cracks.  We hammered out a deal on pricing and spun the Product for them.  The story is a bit longer than that; however, most of it is rather immaterial.  What is important is that we were having some difficulties in both communication and getting paid.

After ruffling a few feathers, we were contacted by a gentleman named Mr. Wilson.  I am not really sure, to this day, what department he was in; however, what I am pretty damn sure about is that he is a fixer.  Mr. Wilson went out of his way for Foreclosurepedia — yeah, I know, had the problem not existed blah, blah.  Here’s the deal though:  for those of you whom have dealt with me you know that even when I am on speaking terms with you I am quite an abrasive person.  So, Mr. Wilson dealt with us both via his Smartphone on his own time and on the weekends and eventually orchestrated the payments.

Why is this important?  I mean AMSREO doesn’t have the best track record?!  Well, it is important to point out folks in the Industry whom go the extra mile.  We can all sit and bitch about how bad this Company is or that Company is.  It kinda ranks up with saying the President is responsible for all the woes in the United States when in actuality it is Congress!  What I am driving at is that we always need to have an open door to diplomatic solutions.  I am not implying here that Mr. Wilson is the door opener.  I am merely stating that we need to point out and identify those within Nationals whom are conciliatory or at least neutral in their applications of the prevalent insanity.

At the end of the day; after the dust has settled in 12 – 24 months, Vendors and Contractors are going to sit down at the table.  Make no mistake on that.  I fear the battles are going to be costly on both sides though.  When we do sit down at the table we are going to have to have dossiers in hand to be able to identify those whom stood by their word and were honorable in their interactions with us.  Mr. Wilson, I believe, is deserving of this label.

I have specifically not completely identified this individual as I do not want either his employer to deal with him unfairly nor do I want flood gates opened up from the Contractors to a specific individual.  Each and every case is different; our outcome may not be the same as others whom are in similar situations.


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