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Snowpacolypse 2: Foreclosurepedia In New York To Assess SGP Fallout

We all knew it was coming: Safeguard Properties (SGP) falling flat on their face — again. The Fannie Mae Portfolio is looking like Firebase Charlie in a remote section of Viet Nam these days. What a complete and total disaster. What did people expect, though? The reality is that the financial institutions simply wanted to be able to show the US Government that they were complying with Dodd – Frank and its timelines and lay the liability elsewhere. Problem is that it is not only the timelines which are fucked up, it is the lack of competent work being performed. I mean when people wait 60 days for pay and then get chargebacks for grass cuts 5 years later; when the Safeguard Properties SQAT Team refuses to allow pay not for non work issues, but a photo issue, you get the typical Craigslist Hacks. Here, take a look at some of the results SGP is pumping out below. Gotta love that professional winterization in an area which hasn’t been above freezing in months,


At some point in time, though, the train wreck of Safeguard Properties is going to finally jump the track. The reality is that there is only so much meat you are able to scrape off the bone. And whereas Safeguard Properties might think that they are making a proverbial million with their chargeback program, the reality is that they are hemorrhaging money and even a tourniquet to the neck will not stem the tide.

Work All Day For SGP And What You Can Expect That Night!
Work All Day For SGP And What You Can Expect From SGP That Night!

What is the solution? Well, many Mortgage Field Services Industry Members of Management are finding out that you simply work directly with the Boots on the Ground (BOTG) Members of Labor. SGP used to do this; I mean if Amir Jaffa was not so fucking money hungry, SGP could have a viable relationship with Labor. Whether it is his stereotype or simply the fact that he didn’t grow up the ranks like his Father In Law, Robert Klein did, the reality is that Jaffa has ran SGP not into the ground but into the shitter. Truth be known, I always did like Klein. Oh, fuck off. Klein was and still is a hardass, outspoken asshole like myself. He made a point of that when he confronted Aspen Grove and their bullshit system which does not work — simply ask for a copy of their server logs to prove a point.

So, where are we going? Where is the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) attempting to steer the ship? Well, when you look at yesterday’s Maury Povich NAMFS Member — this is no bullshit, go watch the clip — into very dark places. Matter of fact, it looks as if Eric Miller is now going to either start ponying up his fucked up #Fraudsters or be subpoena’d as an accessory after the fact and knowingly harboring a fugitive from justice as best I can tell,

Mr.  Miller

I’m asking for your assistance in either locating Mr. Goscinski or finding out whom his legal counsel is, as I have papers that need to be served to him or his lawyer on his behave. This is based on the thousands of dollars that he admits he owes me in addition to the mail and check fraud he committed in bouncing a 5100.00 check to me on Christmas Eve.

Thanking you in advance for your assistance in this matter as I am sure you want to bring justice to this situation.

— Editor’s Note: Doubt Miller will be of much help here as if Jay “Gay” Goscinski falls, so does NAMFS Revenues! And make no mistake NAMFS Rank and File are getting the emails from NAMFS demanding Membership Dues to be paid immediately! 😉

Tragic, a six letter word which best describes the Industry today. Tragic in that innocent Men and Women in Labor are being fucked and ultimately the US Taxpayer is footing the bill for it. False Claims Act comes to mind along with #EpicFail as well!

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