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Extraordinary Properties: What Does Maury Povich Have To Do With It Baby?

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is always angling for publicity and its Membership always seems to beat the NAMFS Board of Directors to the Finish Line. Bill Garlock, owner of Extraordinary Properties, formally Extraordinary Cleaners, a convicted felon whom created the genesis of the Extraordinary firms from a prison cell as we are told. Whether or not Extraordinary Properties was born as a Prison Love Child or not, his parents, Terry and Carla Garlock must be proud NAMFS Members. Truth be know, the Garlock’s have an interesting story pertaining to their entry into the Mortgage Field Services Industry, but that is for another day — yes, we checked the shelter logs.  😉

You know, when I think of NAMFS, I think of a soap opera. For example, Eric Miller whom is the NAMFS Executive Director, ushered in Jay “Gay” Goscinski. Miller knew that the Altisource paperwork Gay used was forged or simply didn’t exist and still allowed his entry. Miller promised NAMFS Members that if Gay and his Michigan Realty Solutions defrauded people, Gay would be gone. Not only has Gay defrauded in upwards of a MILLION DOLLARS, but now he cannot be found to be served for suit. Miller? Well, Miller is not going to tell anyone where his chummy NAMFS Member is so long as Gay pays the money for NAMFS Membership. Think I bullshit you? Call Eric Miller yourself and ask where Gay can be served as a Member of Labor is trying to do,

Is there any way you can find out who Jay’s attorney is so I can have that fucker served the process server has tried twice and that son of a bitch is hiding. Any help would be great.

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So, Bill has a secret — or at least had a secret. Maury Povich got to the bottom — and I use that term figuratively — to Extraordinary Properties and their deeply kept secret. The reality is that Bill & Co. bring a new perspective to the NAMFS Brand.

So, while Foreclosurepedia is Fast Tracking a tremendous amount of information pertaining to other NAMFS Firms whom continue to brand the NAMFS Logo with the truly spectacular #EpicFail appearance, we always have time for #CharlieSheen folks like Bill Garlock — and believe me we are going to drill down on Garlock so deeply that he will need a proctologist to sit for the next six months! What, Bill, you really thought that all the cameras at home were going to keep you safe? Shit, man, wireless should always be encrypted, baby! Reminds me of the following song,

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