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Smoking Reefer: Legal In The Mortgage Field Services Industry

I hit more trees than a blind Tarzan may be the new Mortgage Field Services Industry Moto. Today marked the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in the State of Colorado. Amendment 64 became law on 01 January 2014. The Mortgage Field Services Trade Association National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) would appear to be asleep at the wheel again as they have issued no guidance to the Industry with respect to smoking dope on job sites.  As we reported last year, this is an issue which needs study. Any National, Regional or Otherwise Unspecified Order Mill which might add the caveat into their Contract that marijuana is illegal could be sued in States where it is approved for medical care. Now, making it illegal to consume indoors in Colorado could also bring the ire of the lawyers.

The problem with NAMFS is that their concentration seems to be upon enriching themselves. It would appear that it is not that successful as they are now offering 40% off of their Training. I suppose, though, when their Executive Director Eric Miller is consuming nearly SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES TO PAY FOR HIS ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR PLUS A YEAR SALARY, times are tight.

Many folks ask why I hammer away at NAMFS. Well, if you are going to publicly withhold yourself to be the oldest Trade Association, one might think that NAMFS would have more than a tertiary interest in that Industry. One might also opine that when you allow others to place the Seal of NAMFS on their Product, it would behoove NAMFS to ensure there is no unethical behavior associated. I am not going to belabor the case after case I have Published upon; what I am stating is that NAMFS and some of its Membership is more preoccupied with threatening frivolous litigation against Foreclosurepedia instead of providing Leadership in an Industry rapidly spinning out of control.

Personally, what people do in their time off is of no concern to me. Most rational adults have consumed reefer in their lifetime — 49% of Americans between 30 and 49 — and the reality is that in the coming years it will become the new norm.

Under the law in Colorado, it is theoretically legal to smoke some dope while wiping down the windows, but not cutting the grass — no pun intended. 😉  The question which presents is whether or not the Industry should support this. Now, NAMFS has a very, very bad habit of burying their collective heads in the sand when having to deal with issues — that IS A FACT. Sadly, though, NAMFS will not confront this or any other meaningful issue which does not enrich them. Much like NAMFS’ little Training Skrewl, or Academy as they like to call it, I am sure that they will find another Aspen Grove solution to the problem — gotta love that play on the name, ‘eh?!

The Industry needs Leaders now more than ever. As predicted, we are seeing an Exodus from NAMFS compared to their “…approximately 450 member companies…” as currently reported on their Website. Now, whether that is from attrition, bankruptcy, prison sentences as in the case of Dean Counce, or otherwise I do not know as NAMFS refuses to allow for any transparency.

What I do know is that as NAMFS will not take the lead, Foreclosurepedia will. We are going to reach out to Business Owners in the Industry and hopefully identify people whom seem to have the character it takes to effect change. People like Brian Mingham over at Pacific Field Services; Kim Fatica over at SEAS LLC; and Brian Drain over at ACA Asset Management come to mind when I think of people I would love to gain feedback from for a Position Paper on this and other issues.

So, 2014 is in with a bang. Huge issues and the Leadership at NAMFS is still getting over the Hangover I suppose. We would love to hear what Contractors think on this issue. Drop us a line and Shout Out!

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