Senator Bob Corker’s Office In Receipt Of IRS 13909 Complaint Against NAMFS

Foreclosurepedia has received word back from Senator Bob Corker’s office that they are in receipt of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 13909 Complaint which I filed against the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) as an Association and against Eric Miller, the NAMFS Regime Executive Director in both Official and Personal Capacities. Senator Corker’s office stated they, “…[would] respond promptly.” As everyone is aware, Miller and the NAMFS Regime are bound, by law, to supply a copy of their IRS 990 Tax Returns or face stiff civil penalties. Miller, in his Official Capacity as Executive Director and under NAMFS Letterhead guaranteed a copy forthcoming back in July, 2014. To date, Miller has been recalcitrant to provide one. My assumption is that Miller is refusing to provide the 990 as it will reveal the true levels of corruption and involvement in Organized Crime which I believe he, Adriana Farelo-Fernandez and the rest of the NAMFS Regime Board have conspired to engage in and is readily displayed by both Miller and Farelo-Fernandez refusing to conduct Ethics Investigations against one of their own Board Members, Heather Berghorst. Berghorst is the disgraced and former NAMFS Regime Secretary whom is currently facing litigation in federal court for embezzlement, fraud and larceny against Contractors along with willful and malicious injury litigation from 5/3 Bankcorp. Maybe I am wrong; maybe the NAMFS Regime, which the IRS has already publicly stated has NO LETTER OF DETERMINATION WITH RESPECT TO NON PROFIT STATUS UNDER IRC 501(c)(6), are simply ignorant. Now, why virtually each and every other non profit in the United States will release their 990 and the NAMFS Regime will not, I do not personally know.

What I do know is that recently a False Claims Act Complaint pursuant to 31 U.S.C. § 3730 was pursued against both Five Brothers, a NAMFS Regime Member and their previous Client, US Bank. In fact, this Complaint named as Defendants the following:

  • Five Brothers Mortgage Company Services and Securing;
  • Five Brothers Mortgage Services & Securing;
  • Five Brothers Lawn Care, LLC;
  • Five Brothers Leasing, INC;
  • Five Brothers Realty INC;
  • ForeRunner Specialty Default Services INC;
  • Joseph Badalamenti;
  • US Bank NA; and
  • US Bancorp

While no one named, to date, has been indicted the reality is that there was some extremely questionable activity and at best coincidental pleas taken by US Bank in other matters during the same timeframe.

Nothing new under the sun with respect to NAMFS Regime Members. Now, Sealed Indictments are filed all the time. What rarely happens, though, is that the US Attorney General’s become involved in that which would display a selling out of a Whistleblower in order to benefit a corporate recipient. It was not Five Brothers, by the way. When Foreclosurepedia begins to document the travesty of justice which the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) handed down to the US Taxpayers, the response will likely make the Boston Tea Party look like a joke! More on point, though, the potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in questionable insurance billing which was not allowed to be contemplated by the US Attorneys General in two states whom participated in this investigation will undoubtedly cast a pallor over the Beltway and reinforce the belief that it is Business As Usual at the Emperor’s Lodge.


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