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Senator Bob Corker Enters Safeguard Properties Fray

For quite some time the Klein Dynasty at Safeguard Properties (SGP) has been burying their collective heads in the sand and refused to pay Christians in East Tennessee. Whether this is driven by religious discrimination or not we can not determine … yet. What we are able to determine is that Senator Bob Corker‘s Office here in Knoxville, Tennessee, has become involved.

The letter below came to us from JG Services, one of multiple victims os Safeguard Properties hiring of the felons Jason Mathis and Brandon Lambert of GM Property Services. GM Property Services has freely, willingly and with overt intention sent bogus checks to Contractors and simply refused to pay others.

Additionally, Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS), is now on the hook with respect to monies owed to JG Services. To date, neither MCS nor Safeguard Properties seems to be worried about much other than protecting their felon buddies down in North Carolina. Neither Company has replied to either the Contractors nor Foreclosurepedia.


I hope this finds you well.

This is the latest from JG Services, scam victims of vendor from Safeguard Properties.

Ms Rhonda Smithson, a representative from Senator Bob Corkers office, is willing to aid and assist us in the right direction in resolving the continuous run around regarding compensation for our services rendered to Safeguard Properties clients.

Please contact our Senators Office and help address this malicious practice.

Thank you guys so much, feel free to contact us.

MCS and Safeguard Properties are both PRIME EXAMPLES of what is wrong with National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Members. This is the epitome of deep, dark depths of greed. The reality is I really, REALLY do not know how these foreign nationals sleep at night. Oh, that’s right. Safeguard Properties Patriarch is from Hungary and MCS is owned by a Consortium financed, in part, from Britain. Nothing new there; the selling out of both America and her People!

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