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SEAS: Forging New And Positive Changes?

Terry Platt, over on Cubic Yard, is reporting upon a Press Release which is from SEAS LLC. Kim Fatica, SEAS LLC Director of Marketing and Business Development, issued the Press Release.

We reached out to Fatica for comment and are awaiting a call back. We have no reason to disbelieve the Press Release, though.

One of the biggest problems that I and others have always stated within the Mortgage Field Services Industry is the novel concept that a one size fits all pricing model. The reality is that rural properties present unique challenges beyond simple costs associated with logistics.

Beating the dead horse about who screwed whom is unproductive rhetoric; the score always remains the same. With that said, when Companies take the tangential steps of thinking outside of the box I believe that to be noteworthy.

The jury is out on where SEAS LLC will ultimately go with their Concept. Fatica stated SEAS LLC was going to focus, “…efforts to restructure [their] pricing to better suit regional requirements… .” Simply conceiving of this, to me, is monumental. Ultimately, SEAS LLC, a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), may be setting the tone for positive dialogue; dialogue which will hopefully translate into change for both Management and Labor.

I belabor the NAMFS angle as while I have documented a substantial amount of negativity about NAMFS, I am hopeful that this may, in fact, be a trend in reporting upon the positive which I honestly believe is inherently inside of the vast majority of the Membership. I will keep everyone updated on this as I am optimistic; the glass is half full and not half empty.  😉

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