Back At GHQ

After a long and arduous journey down South, I am back.  Hopefully, this will dispel any rumors of my untimely demise which I am sure that my adversaries were praying for.

Do you know what would make more sense than spending money on paying Contractors what they are owed as opposed to setting up payment arrangements? Taking that same money owed and hiring Ambulance Chasing Lawyers to sue Foreclosurepedia under Federal Racketeering.

With that said, I have a few things to handle today; however, I am going to get out some Articles on the pile of fan mail I have received from the Ambulance Chasing Lawyers hired up in Michigan to sue me under Federal Racketeering. I eagerly look forward to this as I will now finally be able to put the proper players on the Stand and bring forth fruit in the sordid business. Odd, really when I was looking forward to going a bit more mainstream and enjoy the holiday season.

Ah, the lengths to which the Mortgage Field Services Industry will go to in order to create a Chilling Effect upon the First Amendment. Neither here nor there; I never found a lawyer I trusted on Earth and expected no less from such an ignoble profession that I used to study.


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