Screencast On Improving Speed And Productivity Post Spectrum Infections

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime and its Offender Members have caused a great deal of damage to the computer infrastructures within the Mortgage Field Services Industry lately. For the second time in less than a week, the NAMFS Website has been infected with dangerous viral payloads. Ditto for Spectrum Field Services, except Management and Labor are the recipients of Spectrum’s virus laden emails and have no choice. Normally, I would stand by and allow the Industry to destroy itself from within; however, the vast majority of Labor does not have the financial backing nor the technical expertise to improve their lot. So, I have commenced a series of Foreclosurepedia Screencasts to assist Labor in improving their systems initially and eventually assisting Labor with proactively securing their computer infrastructure as well as removing both malware and viruses — make no mistake that there are those within the Industry whom purposefully introduce a plethora of programs into the computer systems of Labor to keep tabs on them.

Below is the first screencast on how to improve the speed and integrity of uninfected systems. It was made on the fly and utilizes programs which I use myself. All programs I use are Open Source and free. I participate in many of the communities which create and maintain these and other programs I am going to introduce the Industry to. This is the Introduction to my Port Huron Statement. For those whom are able to decipher what I mean, welcome aboard!


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