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Foreclosurepedia Podcast 181: The Daniel Vass Fraud

Daniel Smith, alleged to be Daniel Vass the ringleader of an Interstate Criminal Organization, is revealed by a Contractor whom has physically identified him. Vass would appear to have set MCS, Laudan Properties, Safeguard Properties and other National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime up for a serious fall. To date, only Assurant Field Asset Services have made good on the debt. More on point, though, MCS whom requires Aspen Grove Solutions Background Checks apparently forgot their own Memos as they hired this recently discharged Alabama State Penitentiary guest. We now have all the emails, the bogus checks and the list of Contractors — substantial to say the least — Vass and Hanna Smith have defrauded in an Interstate Crime Spree. Below is Smith’s bogus check which we discuss in the Podcast.

Smith Check1
A Business In An Apartment Good Job MCS! We Have Her New Address As Well


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