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Santa Drops Off A Foreclosurepedia Podcast

The Foreclosurepedia Christmas 2014 Podcast everyone is talking about! We review the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime caving under federal investigation and releasing their Tax Returns to Foreclosurepedia; we talk about Ron Staley of Verde Building Solutions continuing what I feel are his racist defraudment of Contractors; we examine the dangers of low price gasoline; we discuss Adriana Farelo-Fernandez and her apparent racial attitudes impacting her refusal to allow Ethics Investigations; and we lay out our Roadmap for 2015! I apologize, in advance, for the background sound of the flames. As everyone knows, I am called the Great Satan and it is hard to keep the flames of Hell from being picked up by the microphone.

Editor’s Note: Alan Jaffa is misidentified as Robert Klien’s stepson. He is, in fact, Klien’s son-in-law.


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Paul Williams
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