NAMFS: Ferguson, NYC and Phoenix Are Coming

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime is in a world of shit these days. With fraud and bankruptcy striking at the very core of the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors, a perfect storm is brewing. In the case of Heather Berghorst, the disgraced and former NAMFS Regime Secretary whom just had her second bankruptcy approved and is still facing federal hearings on embezzlement, fraud and larceny by Contractors; has been court ordered to begin payments to yet another Contractor, and finally 5/3 Bankcorp has pending federal claims for willful and malicious injury against the former NAMFS Regime Secretary.

When we look at how Representative Michael Grimm threatened a reporter in his statement that, “I’ll throw you off this fucking balcony,” and “I’ll break you in half like a boy,” the reality is that Members of the Establishment are more and more believing that they are beyond the reach of the law. Today, Representative Grimm is pleading guilty to tax evasion and could both be removed from Congress and face federal prison time.

What makes the Representative Grimm situation more on point is that Grimm was both a military veteran and a former FBI Agent. When the public place a higher level of faith; when veracity becomes unquestionable, punishment and atonement must be far more harsh. In this same way the NAMFS Regime, a Trade Association second only to the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST), is held to a higher standard.

Foreclosurepedia received word today, from a third party NAMFS delegate, that Eric Miller would be sending the NAMFS Regime Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 990 — this is the IRS Form which is considered to be a not for profit corporation tax return. Seven months after Miller stated he would send such; nearly a month after Foreclosurepedia filed an IRS 13909 Complaint against Miller and the NAMFS Regime, the reality is that if this information turns out to be true, it is bitter sweet.

Nationwide, Contractors are now publicly voicing their discontent with Eric Miller and Adriana Farelo-Fernandez, the NAMFS Regime Vice President and face of the Farelo Group, and their hindering of Ethics Investigations against NAMFS Regime Board of Directors and NAMFS Regime Offender Members.

Seated NAMFS Board Members are currently being obfuscated in their attempts to have fellow NAMFS Regime Offender Members pay debts owed. There is currently a systemic breakdown within the National Association of Mortgage Field Services.

In fairness, I do not believe that Eric Miller wakes up every morning and meditates on how to fuck people. I do believe that multiple times a day, both Miller and Adriana Farelo-Fernandez are forced to invent new ways to ensure that NAMFS Regime Offender Members are not held accountable for their crimes. Strike that. Here, let me put this in the way that only a trained media professional like myself is capable of doing,

During the Florida FAST Conference I met with both Eric Miller and Adriana Farelo-Fernandez. Both publicly and privately I indicated a desire to share Foreclosurepedia’s Intelligence Database, ISTAR Clear Base, with those whom had the ability to unbiasedly address the concerns of both Management and Labor. Miller agreed that this would be a good thing. To date, though, both Miller and Farelo-Fernandez appear to be frozen in fear with respect to confronting criminals within their Association.

The same type of fear which is gripping Eric Miller is that which was employed by nefarious entities against Sony Pictures IN RE:  The Interview. What I am saying is that Standing NAMFS Board Members have complaints against fellow NAMFS Members which rise to the level of the NAMFS Canons of Ethics violations. These complaints, coupled with countless others originating from NAMFS Rank and File are currently being stonewalled by Miller and Farelo-Fernandez. Now, whether or not Miller and Farelo-Fernandez have accepted bribes; whether or not Miller and Farelo-Fernandez are being blackmailed for sexual promiscuity or narcotics or something else, I do not know. What I do know is that Miller and Farelo-Fernandez’s actions fly in the face of democracy.

NAMFS, as opposed to the NAMFS Regime, should have taken the lead on the problems within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Scrambling to find viable options, Management and Labor recently reached out to the IAFST Court of Mediation to settle a contractual dispute. While I am not at liberty to name the parties unless a Default Judgment is rendered, one party is a High Level NAMFS Member which Eric Miller has a vested interest in ensuring a quiet settlement.

While I applaud IAFST in that which they are doing, the reality is that it is necessitated by the NAMFS Regime refusing to do what they should have been doing all along. Eric Miller’s refusal to engage in a Round Table Discussion is indicative of the fact that the NAMFS Regime is in dire straights. Subjectively, it infers that Miller is not even in a position of power within the NAMFS Regime which I have believed for the past year. In closing, I beseech Miller and his colleagues to meet with IAFST Representatives in a closed door session to discuss matters which will inevitably destroy the Industry as we know it.


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