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Doug Blackburn: Another Bad Apple At Verde Building Solutions

Ron Staley, owner of Verde Building Solutions, just cannot seem to keep the proverbial shit off his face. As Foreclosurepedia has been reporting, Staley has been on what I may only term as a Mission of Fraud over the past year or more. When we broke the story about Staley defrauding multiple Contractors in the Mortgage Field Services Industry, we began to drill down on his people as well, like Doug Blackburn. Here, let me put it in the words of one Contractor,

This company steal[s] from it’s vendors by not paying them what they are due. They delay payment if they even send it at all.  — Wayne Richardson

This is in addition to the tens of thousands of dollars Staley and Blackburn have fucked other Contractors out of.

Doug Blackburn seems to be a very interesting person, to say the least. Blackburn’s photo, from his LinkedIn Page, is staged at best. It strikes me as one of those photos which really doesn’t exist. As we began to drill down, what we found with respect to Blackburn, were a tremendous amount of inconsistencies with respect to Blackburn. In Full Disclosure, we reached out to both Blackburn and Staley to no avail for comment.


Blackburn, Verde Building Solutions alleged Operations Manager states that he was formerly employed by Fifth Third Bank as a Property Preservation and Claims Supervisor. While Foreclosurepedia was able to find a Hazard Claims Department, we were unable to find a simple Claims Department. While singularly this would not be an issue, we began to find other issues, as well.

dbpThe photo to the left is a blown up area of the bottom, right hand corner of Blackburn’s photo. The letters are from Michael Gabbard Photography whom will get a good dose of exposure as time provides. More on point, when we begin to place Blackburn’s alleged educational history under scrutiny, we begin to have extremely troubling issues arise,

Blackburn alleges to have attended the University of Kentucky’s College of Engineering along with Kentucky State University (KSU). Specifically, Blackburn states he  completed an Applied Mathematics Degree at KSU and did such in four years, or less. The problem with this is that KSU is specific that it takes five years to complete the Applied Mathematics Program.


Blackburn’s claims to be the President of the Kentucky Scholarship Students is also problematic as there is no record Foreclosurepedia was able to identify substantiating this claim. We have a call into the Kentucky Department of Transportation (KDoT) to have KDoT confirm or deny this, as well. The real question, though, is how precisely does Blackburn run the entirety of Verde Building Solutions’ Operations from his living room in Florence, KY? I suppose the more on point question is that is Blackburn even sober or perhaps as most music scenes are involved with narcotics is Blackburn free of illegal drugs when he runs the ship from Kentucky?

Now, Floyd Doug Blackburn along with Beth Octavia Blackburn both exist. Floyd headlines Floyd and the Walkmen spending many a late night out playing some kind of music that apparently some folks like and heading home at wee hours of the morning. Ironic, that 9 alleged years in some of the most difficult and tedious university studies would result in a paper shuffling job and a two bit jukebox career. By the way, Foreclosurepedia has every intention of being at the Floyd and the Walkmen show in Cincinnati to cover Blackburn and encourage all Contractors whom can liaise with us to show up as well!

Regardless of what conclusion you come to pertaining to Ron Staley, Doug and Beth Blackburn or Verde Building Solutions, we want to make sure that everyone has total and complete access to all of the information they need to make that decision. That is why we are going to make it Foreclosurepedia’s Mission between now and the end of the year to make sure that there is no secret; no subject too taboo which all of these people may possess, that our readers do not have access to it. As Ron and Doug both felt strongly enough about fucking Contractors, we wanted to return the favor!


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