Safeguard Properties: Memo 1461 To The Rescue

Safeguard Properties (SGP) has finally acknowledged it has a problem. This brings little solace to Foreclosurepedia or the Contractors whom have been broken down both financially and devastated emotionally. Safeguard Properties is much like a crack addict; admitting you have a problem is well and good, what do you do about it? They know full well that they hook the Contractor on a false promise of being paid dollar-for-dollar agreed upon prices. Then, when Safeguard Properties begrudgingly sends out what little funds they do — miserly comes to mind here — the Contractor is addicted. Chasing a perpetual dollar that never appears; a mirage in a desert is what Safeguard Properties offers.

Memo 1461 appears to be a hollow attempt at correcting what it already knows is wrong: NOT PAYING CONTRACTORS WHAT THEY ARE OWED! How about getting real with Safeguard’s OWN Problem instead of attempting to place the blame squarely upon the backs of the Contractors — again?! Did anyone note that LACK of a Resolution Timeline or the INABILITY to file on Closed Work Orders?!

The prognosis is not good for Safeguard Properties and Amir “The Family Business” Jaffa. An addiction to anything sometimes requires far more than merely admitting you have a problem. With Memo 1461 what we see is the attempt to create a Co Dependent. The Diagnostics and Statistical Manual (DSM) speaks volumes upon this.

Amir and the henchmen (and women) up in Ohio are dealers in a slow and debilitating disease. While their fellow Members in the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) stand idly by as Emperor Amir burns down the proverbial Rome; while Contractors are fed one-by-one to the Circus of the Property Preservation Industry, NAMFS and its Membership dine upon the desolation of the destroyed lives in Emperor Amir’s wake.

I absolutely love the disingenuity of Memo 1461. Let’s see here for a minute: Emperor Amir already knows what the Contractor is supposed to be paid. Emperor Amir, as far as that goes, already knows he is staring down his last days in Rome. Facing HUNDREDS OF COUNTS in the first of MANY Attorneys General Lawsuits and Federal Racketeering charges, Emperor Amir figures he will simply buy time — time that the NAMFS and its Membership should have never ever allowed to come to fruition.

Emperor Amir has begun believing the drivel from rags like and HousingWire. Demagoguery is alive and well within Emperor Amir’s Court. He reminds me ever so much of Gaius Flaminius.

People like Emperor Amir create a resolve within my being to never allow their type of Socialistic Mentality to rear its ugly head in Society untethered and unchallenged. Emperor Amir’s attitude appears to be, “Let these peasants plead their case to the Crown.” For how else may Memo 1461 be interpreted? Let’s also not forget when you take the TOTALITY of funds owed by Safeguard Properties — tens of thousands to some and millions to others — and you loan that money out with interest, you have ONE HELL OF A PROFIT MARGIN!

Make no mistake whatsoever, Emperor Amir and his ilk are VERY ADEPT with the filthy lucre.

Emperor Amir “The Family Man” Jaffa should be ashamed of not simply paying his bills. His shame contaminates even his own Court and Household. I somewhat understand, though, as being the foot stool for his father-in-law Robert Klein, must drive him to become even more treacherous. No other way of relating it, folks. Emperor Amir runs the Ship of Fools like a Roman Circus; his status, though, is not Caesar. This bumbling stooge does not have the Class for that. An unRoyal Court of sycophants and actuaries whispering in his deaf ear.

Any Contractor still working for these deadbeats deserves what they have coming. If they burn you, it is your own stupidity!


To: All Vendors
From: Vendor Management
Memo 1461: Vendor Payment Disputes

Effective Monday, October 14, all vendors must submit payment disputes through the vendor dispute process within Vendor Web.  This process change will reduce dispute processing time.  To access the vendor dispute section of Vendor Web from the Vendor Web home page, navigate with the links as shown in the screenshots below (Figure 1 and 2). 

Figure 1
Figure 1: Vendor Web Order List

Figure 2
Figure 2: Accessing Vendor Dispute

Vendors should only submit Final Payment Disputes.  You will need to fill out the form as shown below in Figure 3.

Figure 3
Figure 3: Final Invoice Dispute

These fields must be filled out completely.  Since the system automatically generates an e-mail response once the dispute has been processed, it is extremely important that the “Reply-to E-mail Address” field is completed correctly, as that is where the dispute response will be sent.

Please provide additional supporting documentation to validate your claim, including photos, documents, e-mails, etc.  Please note, this process is not intended for use to correct previously submitted items, but to provide supporting documentation that was not originally available.  

The list below provides more details for the selection choices in the dropdown menu for “Dispute Reason.”

  1. Approvals – Bids submitted and approved.  Example: Rental equipment, Rush Fees, Onsite approvals.
  2. Boarding – Not paid for boarding windows, doors etc. or paid a reduced amount.
  3. Cancellation – Work completed prior to cancellation and update/invoice submitted within 24 hrs. of notification.
  4. Debris – Cubic yards not paid or are not the same quantity on the vendors invoice.
  5. Discount Issues – Discount taken was not the negotiated rate/percentage or discount should not be applied.
  6. Evictions  – Man hours, storage fees not paid or reduced.
  7. Grass Cut – Grass cut or height was not paid or reduced.
  8. Leaf Removal – Not paid or the cyds/bags were reduced.
  9. Lock Changes – Lock(s) or lock box(s) were not paid.
  10. Maid Service – Maid service was not paid or only 1 maid service was paid and the  property is a multi-unit.
  11. Out of Area – Approved out of area was not paid.
  12. Pricing – Not paid per the negotiated rate. Example: grass cut is $30.00 paid $28.00.
  13. Repairs – Not paid correctly. 
  14. Trimming-  Not paid correctly.
  15. Trip Charges – Not paid for trip charge per guidelines.
  16. Winterization – Not paid correctly or only 1 winterization was paid and the property is a multi-unit.

Please provide a complete description of the reason for your dispute in the “Dispute Description” field.  Disputes without sufficient information will be rejected.

Please note that any submissions that are not made through Vendor Web will not be processed. Upon completion of review by Safeguard Properties, you will receive an e-mailed result of Safeguard Properties’ review. If you are not disputing, but inquiring about a payment status on a work order over 40 days old, please continue to send your inquiries to and include the following information:

a)  Vendor code
b)  Work order number
c) Last 4 digits of your SSN# or Business Tax ID (for verification purposes)  

Your adherence to these guidelines is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to comment on this communication or would like any other
information, please contact your VPA/Regional.

Safeguard Properties

7887 Safeguard Circle, Valley View, OH 44125    PHONE: 800-852-8306



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