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Safeguard Properties Hiring Of Known Fraudsters Results In Yet More Contractors Robbed

The calls just keep coming in about GM Property Services and the fact that Brandon Lambert and Jason Mathis have been welcomed back into the Property Preservation Industry with open arms. Safeguard Properties (SGP), once again, is the originator of this set of 70+ Work Orders which have never been paid for by GM Property Services. Safeguard Properties continues to refuse to speak with the offended Contractors or Foreclosurepedia.

I have been swindled by these people. Our company has done two months of work for these people thousands of dollars worth and they have given us the run around now that its time to pay. There are two people in our crew, myself and Xxxx Xxxxxxx. We have done over 70 properties and no compensation. Please contact us through email or by phone at […].

The two female Contractors we reported upon have been advised by the Hawkins County District Attorney’s office to contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after reviewing the evidence provided by the Contractors and Foreclosurepedia. They will meet with the FBI later this week.

The only common denominator amongst all of these Contractors, besides being female, is that they are Christian. While many would shy away from looking at this possibility, the possibility of religious discrimination, it must be taken into consideration.

We now have reports that this INFECTION has spread to the West Alabama Craigslist. It should also be noted that they are using InspectorADE for their Order Processing. Want to take a guess at whom they will get their work from down there?! Gotta wonder where the Background Checks are! Hell, any two bit Google search would have turned up Mathis’ and Lambert’s East Coast Rampage!

So, as we all know that Safeguard Properties will do nothing; as it is quite apparent on the eve of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) big party with the Franciscans, the warning should be spread long and far. Avoid both Safeguard Properties and GM Property Services. It is, quite frankly, becoming more and more evident that any Contractor should use CAUTION when doing business with NAMFS Members. We would recommend contacting the NAMFS and requesting information as to whether or not NAMFS records any statistics with respect to Failure to Pay, Litigation Pending, Hiring of Felons, etc. While not all NAMFS Members have these types of accusations leveled against them; while not all NAMFS Members are pending Federal Racketeering Litigation like Safeguard Properties, prudence is the word to Contractors going forward.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.


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