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RIK Enterprises: Questionable Email Circulation

A High Level Management Industry Source forwarded us an email purported to be sent from Robert Klein. The email originates from RIK Enterprises and was sent from Robert Klein []. The Source stated, on condition of anonymity, “Have you seen this from [ … ] Robert Klein?!?! He has absolutely lost it. Does he not see this as offensive, sexist and just plain stupid?” Klein Email

RIK Enterprises is a Domestic Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) located in Cleveland, OH. It mainly deals with financial services and its Registered Agent is Nathan Klein. RIK Enterprises is on the 25th Floor of the Public Square Building and was recently associated with Western Reserve Partners in both Company’s expansion by 60%. Strangely, RIK Enterprises does not run their website under their business name in as much as we could locate.

In a 24/7/365 world we recognize that email accounts may be hacked (which would lead to the belief of insecure computer networks), the delegation of authority to dispatch information in another’s name occurs (which would be extremely unwise by a veteran Corporate Founder) and finally that Sources may or may not be accurate in their distribution of information (in this case we stand by our Source 100%).

We placed several calls to multiple locations attempting to reach Mr. Klein to no avail. We are hopeful that if others received this email they would reach out and share their opinions with respect to the content.

One of the most difficult positions for women in the Corporate World today is to be treated equally among their male counterparts. The Glass Ceiling exists in Corporate America today and many woman are quite offended by stereotyping in America. If this email is, in fact, originating from Klein it would speak volumes with respect to his attitude towards women and precisely where they fit into his world. If this was the work of an associate, they would be best served by standing in the unemployment line. If his account has been hacked into then he would be best served by hiring a new IT Team and reporting the breech to his Clients. Finally, if this is an inaccurate Tip, Robert Klein is more than welcome to give us a call and we will publish that which he cares to state.

At the end of the day, the unregulation within the Property Preservation Industry has lead to a superiority complex held by many of the male species. Token positions handed out like Badges are awarded periodically to those very, very few women whom have prevailed. I have been hard pressed to find a single authoritative interview of a female in the Industry over its past 40 year history. Women would be well within their rights to inquire as to the veracity of the aforementioned and if properly and separately validated they would behoove themselves in both the distribution of this Article and the close examination of their business positions.

Ultimately, what the Financial Institutions and the US Government needs to take into consideration is if this email holds water, whether or not they want to enmesh themselves in gender discrimination. Currently, in both California and New York, we see what the end result is. The Board of Directors of each and every Financial Institution and the Agency Head of each and every US Government Agency would do well to properly vet this information and ask themselves this:  DO WE WANT TO ASSOCIATE OUR PUBLIC IMAGE with both an Industry ripe and festering with corruption and now the allegations of gender discrimination?!

Verification of the email:

MX record about exists.
Connection succeeded to SMTP.
220 kath-5.0.3 ESMTP Ready
250 says Hello []
=250 2.1.0 Sender Accepted:
> RCPT TO: <>
=250 2.1.5 Recipient Accepted:


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