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REO Wiki – 21st Century Data Management

As many whom follow us know, Foreclosurepedia has always been at the forefront of pushing the technology envelope. Bringing Property Preservation Data Management (PPDM) into the grasp of the small business owner has always been a dream of many — until now!!!

You heard it right and you heard it first here!  We have been working with a platform called MediaWiki for quite some time now.  To better understand what it is one only needs to know that it is the identical platform that Wikipedia uses.  We have been using MW for quite sometime now to process our orders and those of our subcontractors.  MW is an Open Source platform which, in a nutshell, means it is both free and damn good!!!  Now, why are these two words used in the same sentence?  Well, instead of having twenty or thirty folks coding up something in a cubicle on salary, you have MILLIONS of folks coding because they like to code and then donating the code for free!

Why is Foreclosurepedia giving away the platform it helped build?  Good question!  The source code has always been free; the extensions which help complete assorted tasks are free as well.  We simply boxed them up and then created real world semantic applications for property preservationists.  The beauty of this is that as opposed to the hundreds of dollars folks need for a monthly platform this is free and always will be!

We will gladly assist any contractor whom is interested in setting up a system like ours.  We have licensing available for those whom wish to simply have the platform be installed with their own company branding!  Simply use the Contact Us at the bottom to set an appointment up!

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