Recruitment Along The East Coast

Foreclosurepedia has been retained by five Prime Vendor Firms to begin Recruitment Operations within the Contiguous United States with a heavy emphasis along the Eastern Seaboard. These Firms have been vetted by the ISTAR Clear Base system and have unique relationships in that they are both Rank and File within National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) and are amicable with a B2B relationship with Labor.

If you believe that your Firm stands head and shoulders above the rest, they want to talk to you. These relationships are different that the normal, Craigslist recruitment policies of most NAMFS Members. Foreclosurepedia functions much like a talent scout in that we pre vet all submissions through an automated, pioneered ISTAR Clear Base dataset check against our proprietary models of Management and Labor Offenders. Foreclosurepedia, itself, never possesses nor has access to the data.

Over the next several days, you will see both Recruitment Maps on the Sidebar and additionally we have a Recruitment Board in the Menu Tab below the Foreclosurepedia Logo. Recruitment is not simply for Field Services. There is an ongoing need for a plethora of fields such as Data Entry, Information Technology and Vendor Management.

Simply locate the Geographic Region you would like to apply for, click the Map and a Form with auto magically appear! It really is that simple! And as opposed to the normal settings wherein concerns exist about fraud; about not being paid for your work, Foreclosurepedia has working relationships with Management to ensure immediate resolutions.


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