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Private Label B2B Maintenance Contracts

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Do you service The Carolinas (North and South), Colorado Springs, Denver, Kansas City, Phoenix, St Louis, or Tuscon? Then you definitely want to read on!

As Labor begins to understand the perverse enrichment of National Associstion of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) members by and through the Fannie Mae $5 increase on inspections which will never make it to Labor, many are simply leaving the Industry. Joining the 70% of attrition already present, Labor has finally come to the conclusion that the $6 or less they are receiving isn’t even worth turning on their phones to receive work orders. In fact, Fannie Mae’s price increases simply bring their amount to that of the US Housing and Urban Development‘s (HUD) Mortgagee Letter (ML) pricing with no mandatory passthrough to Labor. More on point, though, there has been zero price increases by either Fannie Mae or HUD for Field Service Technicians performing tasks such as lawn maintenance, debris removal, or actual tangible services.

Rising to the occasion, Foreclosurepedia began reaching out to private label firms whom had both a need and interest in the skilled labor pool in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. And within days, we realized that the demand was enormous. The very same labor which HUD, Fannie Mae, and NAMFS had no respect for and believed would remain in a cyclic poverty environment were extremely valued by entities whom had diverse relationships throughout the US and inordinately large cash pools.

Accordingly, Foreclosurepedia is happy to announce our most recent B2B partner for maintenance and construction projects. In full disclosure, some of these projects deal with occupied properties. Additionally, there is no proverbial hand holding like you tend to see in the Industry. To that point, the pay is far higher and the payment timelines are far more rapid — generally within the week. So, if you believe that you are qualified and are available in The Carolinas (North and South), Colorado Springs, Denver, Kansas City, Phoenix, St Louis, and Tuscon feel free to fill out the below form and the interested firm will reach out to direct.


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