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We broke the story on how PPMS was back in the game spinning up new alliances for their Roadshow.  As promised, we followed up with Antwane E. Adams, the Record Keeper for American Contracting Consultants in South Carolina, via email.  To keep the record straight I wanted to discuss what came about.

Q:  Are you the record keeper for American Contracting Consultants (ACS) a Corporation established in the State of Georgia whose Control Number is 12097443 and whose non commercial registered agent is Jason R. Mathis?

A:  he is no longer apart of this company after seeing your post we cut him.  (The “h” is lowercase apart is run on as directly quoted)

So, what can we determine from this?  Well, for starters, we know that what we reported was accurate in that Jason R. Mathis had reached across state lines to partner up with Adams in South Carolina.  We are also able to establish the fact that Mathis was listed as the Agent on the Incorporation.  Both of these items are critical in laying out the intent to do business under a new name.

Here is what we cannot confirm:  Mr Adams states, “…we cut him.”  Now, today’s listing on the State of Georgia’s Corporations Search doesn’t reflect any change in their Corporate Filings.  We found no change in their Square Up account which links Premier Metro Services to the address which Mr. Adams utilizes and finally even though Mr. Adams is well aware of the accusations against Mathis for outstanding billing, there seemed to be no interest in providing contact information to assist both law enforcement and Contractors in locating Mathis.

We are now widening the scope of our Inquiry to include the web hosting providers whom are providing services to Mathis.  We believe that, at the end of the day, they will have no part in the facilitation of possible felonies across state lines.  Regardless, we will report back and follow up on any new twists in this already winding story.

Editor’s  Note:  We wanted to advise everyone that this is an example of how if information is provided and tracked down it can make a difference.  We all need to become more active in how we document and track these Order Mills and monitor their movements!

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