FRAUD ALERT: PPMS Forms New Company

So, our good boys at PPMS South are at it again!  No sooner than they finished screwing Contractors out of tens of thousands of dollars they are already back under a new name! You know, we need a Grand Jury Indictment and an Inquiry needs to be launched against HUD and VA.  All parties concerned know precisely what is going on!  There is no way possible that with Contractor Complaints, OIG Filings and the media involved that any party involved can turn a blind eye and say they no nothing!

Let me walk you down this road which is getting extremely dangerous as it appears that no one will do anything.  After PPMS defrauded half a dozen Contractors they broke camp and set up a new shop.  This time they called it American Contracting Consultants, Inc.  These assholes got so brave as to actually file their Incorporation in the State of Georgia!  Control Number:  12097443 was spun up with Brian P. Kemp, Georgia’s Secretary of State.  Now, this takes some balls.  Why?  Because Jason R. Mathis is the non commercial Registered Agent!  Wanna take a guess where he is saying he lives?  You are going to love this shit:

His email is:  Jason R. Mathis, 691 Heathmoor Place, Decatur, Georgia 30032  Now, let’s take a look down memory lane so that we can ALL see these punks automobiles on this Google Map Located Here!  Simply click the street view.  Did I fail to mention that Brandon Lambert is not allowed to legally drive?  More on that in a bit.

So, who did they sucker into (or perhaps maybe they didn’t sucker) being the Records Keeper?  Antwone Edward Adams.  We reached out to Antwone because we and half a dozen Contractors would like to speak to him about his relationship, across state lines, with Mathis.  Here’s what we found:

His email is:  Antwane Edward Adams reportedly lives at 431 Percival Road, Unit B, Columbia, South Carolina 29206.  His phone number as well as Mathis’ seem to have slipped their minds for entry.  Why the State of Georgia, in its infinite wisdom would allow an Incorporation without such, is suspect at the very least!

Let’s dig a bit deeper.  Sukandra Price of 437 Percival Road, Unit F, Columbia, South Carolina 29206, is listed on the Invoice with an Authorization Number of 13244619.  The Billing Information, though, reverts back to Antwane Adams.  Now, we tracked mugshots with both names down: a Sukandra here and  a Antwane here.  Are these folks one in the same?  I don’t know.  I am extremely hopeful that they will reach out to us and either confirm or deny either way!

So, let’s go down the rabbit hole now that we have been sniffing around a bit.  To understand the Medusa that Premier Metro Services (PMS) is, one needs to closely examine their Internet footprint from a forensic perspective.  Premier Property Management Specialists (PPMS) was the originator of all the insanity.  Wait a minute, let me have Jason Rashad Mathis relate to you, in his own words, what PMS is about:

Jason’s vision, to build a more structured and organized company founded on honesty, integrety, and success through leadership helped elevate the company from a small family-owned business to a successful six state enterprise.

Did I mention the FIVE Divisions Mathis has now spun up as well?


Remember how we had to take on CWIS-LLC and AMSREO to get paid?  Additionally, how PPMS screwed the half dozen Contractors and CooperCitiWest, SLS Mortgage and DMC Mortgage continue to refuse to make good on the pay owed to the samesaid Contractors?  Here is where we connect all the dots for law enforcement should they ever get enough gumption to bring these thugs to justice:

This is the Whois Data on PPMS; Mathis spun it up from Suwanee, Georgia.  When it went South (no pun intended), he then went over and spun up PMS (man, you gotta LOVE the acronym!!!!!).  This is the Whois Data on PMS.  Is anyone seeing a trend here?  The use of an electronic device to cross state lines to further a felonious conspiracy?!

Just when I thought I had seen it all, I stumbled across yet a new play.  This one ensures there is no doubt in my mind that Mathis, Adams and Price are interwoven.  This far exceeds any type of statistical anomaly.  There is a product called Square which is a small device used to plug into Smartphones for the reading of credit cards.  PMS spun up a Square Account which pinpoints the Complex where Adams and Price live; however, Mathis with his insane need for ego boosting not only links his website with his photo on it, but actually lists his phone number and Atlanta, Georgia!  Now, I do not know what the game is here, but I DO KNOW FOR A FACT that Square does absolutely no credit check!  We are currently awaiting a Security Team Member to reply to us.

I want this Article to be a very BLUNT message to anyone out there whom is currently, has in the past or will in the future screw Contractors in any way, shape or form.  The National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG) will find you.  We will track you down to the ends of the Earth and make your information public.  This serves as Notice to the rest of the low life Order Mills out there!  Our filing cabinet is deep and wide!  Make absolutely no mistake whatsoever, even if law enforcement will not take the time to track you down the NPPG will.  We are partnering with Credit Agencies, financial institutions and law firms throughout the Western Hemisphere.  If you think we are bluffing you read through a few of the older Articles and ask yourself how a hillbilly learned to read.  We are coming …

 Editor’s Note:  I am awaiting a second source’s confirmation of whether or not Lambert is along for the new ride herein reported.  I want to reiterate here that I have, in the past, offered dialogue with both Jason Mathis and Brandon Lambert  and they have turned it down.  I reached out, as well, to HUD, HUD OIG, VA OIG, CooperCitiWest, DMC Mortgage and SLS Mortgage to no avail.  I also extend this invitation, once again to all interested parties to comment and/or challenge my reporting.


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