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A Post Contractor Landscape: A Podcast Discussing The Ramifications

Tonight’s Foreclosurepedia Podcast discusses the interdependence of Order Mills upon Contractors. I actually saw a great Documentary on Life After People. Whether anyone whom wishes to call Order Mills by any other name likes it or not, their existence is completely dependent upon an unquestioning Contractor. This came up in an Interview I gave today for a Media Outlet. The question was poised as to why I call Firms Order Mills. I replied that these Firms exist solely to distribute Orders from their Clients to Contractors and then move the Results back. So, by definition, these Firms Mill Orders. They certainly do not perform the totality of tasks themselves.

The reality is that the Order Mills are quite prolific; they have an ability to grow like cancer and they protect their own! In the case of the Jason Mathis Case which we reported upon here for months, the Industry knew full well that he was not only a wanted felon, but that he was refusing to pay Contractors. The Industry DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to prevent his reentry into the Industry. Now, more Contractors are paying the price!

It appears that there was a targeting of African American Females in the Southeast. I wonder where the Cheerleaders are on that topic?! Should Mathis be called something else? Um, maybe a softer and gentler term that allows the Industry to turn its back upon the responsibility it has to provide the Financial Institutions with zero liability? No, not on my Watch!

The analogy I really liked was the comparison to rats. Rats are dependent upon people and would survive only a few days without humans.

Any microcosm (biological or economic) is interdependent upon a status quo. The relationship is precisely what totalitarianism depends upon. This more arcane relationship is that which we are going to discuss tonight.

We are also going to discuss the Safeguard Properties (SGP) pending Federal Racketeering Litigation. We recently spoke with the lawyer whom filed this Action, Mr. Michael P. Malakoff. We are going to get into the nuts and bolts of how Contractors end up becoming Indictable along with the Order Mills themselves.

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