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When The First Amendment Runs Afoul: Association By Proxy

It is never hard to figure out who controls whom in this day and age. Take for example the National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG). Their recent promotion of Chris Ziolkowski’s to Chairman and his constant desire to associate Aaron Aviero of Aladay LLC with Foreclosurepedia drives home the point that while the NPPG wishes to stay out of the spotlight on some areas, they like to covertly stir the pot.

Chris Ziolkowski My opinion is the pictures are thiers as part of your task. Sure they are used for checking on work. But seems like they should be able to use them for whatever they want. I think Paul and Aaron from foreclosurepedia might have been fired up over this awhile ago if I remember correctly.

It is well known that Foreclosurepedia is a one man show, but after the NPPG’s ousting of not only Aaron, but others including their Chairman, Thomas Clark, the NPPG simply cannot figure out what side of the fence it wishes to be on.

Any organization whose leadership is not elected by its Membership is questionable. To determine the NPPGs election cycle, one needs to examine their By Laws as there is no Constitution for the NPPG. For members of the Public wishing to view these we would recommend contacting their Public Information Officer, Peggy Corino. I have always been rather fond of democracy; it is the foundation of the Nation I live in. It is also the system of government which I served to uphold and defend.

While this Article is not entirely about the NPPG, the NPPG represents its basis. Mike Holmes of Canadian fame has a saying, “If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time.” Paula Dean is indicative of why Public Figures need to Do It Right the first time. When you take on the mantle of Public Life, what you have said even in your former and private life will come back to haunt you. Happens all the time when Officials are Appointed by a Presidential Administration. What you say and do also impacts the very people dependent upon you for both leadership and work.

In the same way that those whom associated themselves with Paula Dean and her Empire lost everything they had due to her inability to watch her tongue, so the NPPG is going to have to figure out the Playing Field and how the Statements of its Leadership brand their Members and those Firms associating with them. This isn’t simply Order Mills; any hope of doing business from an Advertising Point of View will come into play. Look no further than the Gun Industry for an example.

There is no Do Over or Oops in the world of Google. The little Zeros and Ones which compose the Binary Language allowing for Internet Communication are always floating around. Sometimes they land in unwanted areas; whom owns what Companies, whom donated what to which Political Persuasion, who targets whom behind the scenes for associating with people they do not like.

The First Amendment is alive and well in the United States. It comes at a price, though, for Public Figures. There is a reason why most successful Corporation C Level folks do not have Social Media accounts. Many of the Corporations actually have written Policies pertaining to Membership and Employees utilizing Social Media with Facebook taking the most heat. In many States, Companies (insert here Order Mills) have the Legal Right to demand your Username and Password as part of both the Application Process and a basis for continued work.

One of the dangers of National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills and Business associating themselves with Organizations or Contractors other than the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is that they bring on board the baggage of that Organization and/or Contractor.

While I may be extremely critical of the NAMFS, they have one thing down pat: Information Distribution. They are consummate in the execution of the Party Line. Eric Miller, the Executive Director of NAMFS and I bump heads on a lot of things. At the end of the day, though, he and I both know how each other will publicly opine upon just about any given topic. Why? Miller and I are consummate professionals in our Craft.

Ultimately, a hand full of Contractors will prevail. There will be no Victory Party. The landscape of this Industry will be forged from a new mold. The transition from Order Mill Industry back under the Umbrella of the Financial Institutions has begun its slow death spiral. Liability is King in the new Rodeo. The days of huge profits are long gone. Simply ask Cyprexx. We are following an enormous story there!

For the less than one one hundreth of a percent of alleged Contractors out there advocating; Cheerleading for yet more demands by Safeguard Properties (SGP) and other Order Mills to be able to take control of the day-to-day operations and expenses of Private Independent Contractors, I say your words publicly withhold where your loyalties lie. I eagerly look forward to their Position with respect to the offshoring of Contractor information to Aspen Grove Solutions based out of a Nation which was the hot bed for terrorist activity for decades. Matter of fact, this type of Mentality goes hand-in-hand with screwing businesses in the United States by outsourcing.

To go a step further, these same Cheerleaders whom are easily identifiable by searching Google, are precisely why the Industry has the inordinate power over Contractors that it does today. History will prove us right; like us or hate us, we are rarely wrong!

Foreclosurepedia never has nor never will represent Contractors or Order Mills. We provide information. I laugh when daily Contractors publicly condemn our Positions and yet back channel us to get themselves and others paid. One would think that with all the Industry Cheerleaders out there each and every Contractor would be paid well; that there wouldn’t be a single Contractor with a single solitary issue! You see, that is precisely what the Cheerleaders do not want. Have no fear, we are going to Publish a List on what Position the Cheerleaders have with respect to Order Mill Demands. Think of it in the same way you think of the Scorecard on Public Officials. Should be fun! Here is the reality: the Demands will NEVER end. The Industry will continue to use their embedded Contractors to push their Strategy upon Contractors and then identify those Contractors whom will not bow down.

Foreclosurepedia has never beat around the bush about wanting Regulations. Anyone opposed to them wants a status quo. Without federal oversight there is no legal forum to Petition For Redress Of Grievance. Take for example the ability of an Order Mill to hammer out requirements without Renegotiation of Contract. No other form of Federal Contracting allows for that.

At the end of the day, the Property Preservation Industry deals with federal laws; simply the crossing of state lines for commerce documents this. To propose that Contractors be treated in accordance with the law is not a novel concept. At the turn of the 20th Century Big Business infiltrated the ranks of Labor to instigate and confuse. No different today when you look at the One Percenters on LinkedIn and Facebook. The only difference between the two Groups is that we regulate the poison a bit more effectively.

Real Contractors, not Order Mills, need to meet and lay out a framework to propose to Congress. We need to not only document the issues; we need to create a baseline of Statistics to be able to make suggestions for Solutions. Neither Safeguard Properties, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services nor the National Property Preservation Guild are going to prevent both the Media and Congress from becoming involved in the plight of the true Contractors.

No one seems to understand the imperative of both Business Owners and Boards being careful of that which they say publicly. Foreclosurepedia’s job, along with other media outlets, is to bring information to light. This information helps build an understanding of that which any Organization or Company thinks; how they will act or react to a given set of stimuli.

It happens all the time. When a business deal is made both the Markets and the Media investigate both given Parties and their Leadership to better understand the dynamics involved.

Coming full circle, both Contractors and Order Mills need to determine whether or not their Interests are best served by Organizations which do not seem to be capable of discerning between fact and fiction. In the case of the Chairman of the National Property Preservation Guild commenting that Aaron Aviero is a part of Foreclosurepedia, we have publicly addressed this. It becomes immaterial as to whether or not the Chairman of the Board of Directors, National Property Preservation Guild is speaking in his personal or official capacity. Both are the same as we saw with respect to the Paula Dean disaster. The concerns by all Parties must be what is it tomorrow? Will Comments by Board Members take, by proxy, the Guild’s Membership and fragile relationships with Industry Firms such as Information Systems and Networks Corporation (ISN) whom have publicly given a proverbial Seal of Approval to the Guild down roads they do not want to be on?

The decisions of the Financial Institutions will eventually be made based upon which Order Mills and Organizations pose the least amount of liability. Cheerleaders aside, the decision of the Financial Institutions and the few remaining Order Mills will boil down to the examination of the public record.

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