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Phil Robertson: Why Foreclosurepedia Will Never Be PC

Phil Robertson and I have quite a lot in common other than wealth. We both have long beards (mine is a bit longer and still reddish brown), we both are Southerners and we both are NOT Politically Correct. For those of you living under a rock, Robertson is the patriarch of Arts and Entertainment‘s (A&E) Duck Dynasty Television Series.

Robertson has some deeply held religious beliefs which pissed off the secular world. By in large, homosexuality is frowned upon by Christian Dogma. It is punishable under Judaism and similarly Islam. It is neither here nor there for me as I am agnostic.

A&E has a quandary: First, they are supportive of a liberal agenda and ultimately beholden to the shareholders. Thus, they cast their lot with the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender (LGBT) Community. So, the question boils down to a First Amendment issue — or does it?

I am not privy to the Contract Robertson signed with A&E. I would wager that any Contract which forces the waiver of Constitutionally guaranteed civil rights is rendered null and void, ab initio. Regardless, A&E is staring down a double barrel shotgun of problems.

First, if A&E holds firm — and I believe they will back down — they loose their only supporters of the show whom are predominately white, Southern Christians. If they back down, all of their other oddity programming may suffer as well. Apropos, A&E created the very box they find themselves in.

Robertson and I are similar in that the Mortgage Field Services Industry has been a hotbed of corruption for years. I, like he, am not Politically Correct; I speak my mind and back my facts just like Robertson uses the Bible as his facts. The Industry sicked lawyers on me whom bowed down just like I anticipate A&E will back down when confronted with litigation which will inevitably come from the Patriarch.

Look, A&E hired this guy knowing full well what bolt of cloth he came from. Ironically, Duck Dynasty is dependent upon Robertson’s very property to continue the Series! It is his land, his warehouse; I mean did the Executives really, really think a couple of dollars were going to change a hard man?!

Wal Mart, as opposed to what they did to Paula Dean which I wrote upon, will stand on the side lines. They know that the LGBT Community form a very small percentage of their customers by way of comparison of the working poor whom are traditionally religious and worldwide.

You cannot condemn a person for their beliefs. Robertson’s comments in GQ Magazine were his opinion. In the same way that Heather Berghorst’s freshman lawyer is prepared to sue me under Federal Racketeering for what Google Published in the form of a Hashtag, the question presents will GQ Magazine be sued as well? We all know the answer to that — no.

Truth is blinding in its brilliance to the masses; political correctness has become the opiate. Neither I nor apparently Phil want any part of the opiate!

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