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Paula Deen: Why PC Will Destroy The US Economy

The relegation of Paula Deen to the unemployment line for a word 30 years ago is beyond ignorant.  Let me address it first and thenpaula dean speak my mind as thank G-d I OWN my website!  First and foremost Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition are licking their chops as a mighty blow has been struck for the black man.  Let’s not bullshit around here, this is the 21st Century; last time I checked slavery ended December 6th, 1865, with the Thirteenth Amendment.  Hell, I’ll go ahead and give you another 135 years which brings us to the turn of the 21st Century.  In 2008 a black man, Barack Obama,  was elected the President of the United States!  So, I really, really must be living in a different world.

Neither the Constitution of the United States nor the Bill of Rights make me or anyone else responsible for subsidizing any race. Affirmative action, time and again, has done a disservice to the minority community.  To throw gobs upon gobs of taxpayer money to subsidize ANYONE prevents people from standing up upon their own merits.  In modern times, affirmative action is now being litigated as the causation for engendering racial bias towards NON MINORITIES!

Classic case-in-point:  Colin Powell.  Powell was born to Jamaican immigrants and raised in south Bronx; wasn’t a hell of a lot of welfare and Affirmative Action back then.  He attended college and entered the US Army where he rose within the ranks of the military — a NO BULLSHIT, pull your weight or catch friendly fire military — to become the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and later Secretary of State.  Powell epitomizes what ANYONE can do if they stand on their own two feet!

Screw Paula Deen and the Politically Correct (PC) hacks that have dropped the contracts.  Let me tell you what this MIGHTY BLOW has truly wrought.  At the end of the day, the … … products that Dean and her Company produced required assembly line workers; required personnel necessary for logistical distribution; required people involved in the advertisement sector; required folks whom stock the items in small boutiques, the list goes on and on!  All told, we are talking about tens of thousands of people loosing jobs simply so that a comment 30+ years ago is able to further the Lame Stream Media Circus.

Let he whom is without sin cast the first stone. — J. Christ

Yes, let’s talk about race for a moment.  Race seems to be all the rage over at Safeguard Properties (SGP).  Diverse Vendors is what they call everyone whom cannot seem to hack it on their own.  Why do I say that?  Well, we certainly didn’t receive a hand out when we started our business.  Want my opinion?  If SGP truly gave two shits they wouldn’t write the money off on taxes, spin up non profit status nor SCREAM for the attention!  At the end of the day, people either know how to do their job or they do not.  Black, white, hispanic — hell, I am sorry, African American, Mexican American, Chinese American — I get confused sometimes.  I thought if you were a US Citizen you were an American!  Not anymore apparently.  Seems religion has come into the game along with color as well — gotta push the Muslim, Mormon and Jewish Agendas as well.  I always thought G-d was G-d.  I suppose, though, I will go to hell for that as well — it’s nice to be agnostic!

A PC environment is dangerous to the economy.  Why?  Let me tell the novice a thing or two about geopolitical realities.  Bank of America (BANA), along with the Property Preservation Industry, could care less about racism.  They are farming out work to India like it is going out of style!   Do you think India gives a shit whether or not the caste system is frowned upon?  Hell, no!  Ah, you see, here’s the DIRTY LITTLE SECRET; the secret is that quite a few Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) outsource a good chunk of their paperwork and photos to India.  Does that mean BANA and NAMFS are racists; do we look at BANA and NAMFS as targets based upon outsourcing to India?  Those whom do are simply furthering an antiquated agenda; the ugly head of spin, folks.  So, why the Double Standard?

Let’s talk about the double standard for a moment and tie this all together.  Discrimination against India’s lowest Hindu castes is technically illegal.  Try telling that to the 160 million Untouchables, who face violent reprisals if they forget their place.  So, here we have everyone and their brother in the higher echelons of the Property Preservation Industry running full steam ahead to farm their work out to the sweat shops — did I forget to mention that female genital mutilation (FGM) is still alive and well and being practiced in India?!

So, let’s get real candid; let us all have this round table Come to Jesus moment shall we?  The proverbial FGM of Paula Deen is hypocrisy; it furthers nothing more than the agendas of those whom wish to enforce a supremacy from the pulpit.  Still think I am full of crap?  Let’s walk down that road.  Let’s look at a rap music.  No, that’s unfair because that is artistic.  Let’s look at Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan; damn, that’s unfair to because it’s really religious.  Oh, I know, how about Jeremiah Wright?  Oops, political because of the President.

Get over the trivial bullshit.  Ever hear of the White Entertainment Television Channel?  White History Month?  No.  You see, it is a double edged sword.

Right now, as I type this, a gentleman I still consider a good friend is getting eaten alive for speaking his mind on a forum; exercising his First Amendment Rights!  The reality is that HE IS NOT WHITE!  Where is his support?  Is not the First Amendment a Right for ALL US CITIZENS?  Shame on those whom walk the fence to be PC!

This is the sickness; the sickness of a PC world!  Anything that might even be characterized as not furthering the minority agenda is slammed.  I have no doubt I will be slammed and could care less.  What I do know is that when we turn our backs on folks whom engage in spirited dialogue like my friend on Facebook; when we allow people like Deen to be roasted for trivial bullshit 3 DECADES ago, we loose the America our PARENTS help build!  Ladies and gentlemen, foreign powers are far more enthralled than Jackson, et al.  Why?  Every time Americans fight amongst themselves, they take the focus off the IMPORTANT things like the Economy and Jobs.  When we outsource our work to India, a Nation whom makes even our Dark Days look like a joke, our enemies laugh at us and capitalize by throwing fuel on the fire.



Paul Williams
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