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Paperwork and Outsourcing: Are You International?

One of the biggest day-to-day challenges for Contractors is the entering of the mountains of paperwork required by the Nationals.  What most do not realize is that there are outsourcing possibilities.  Foreclosurepedia actually does some of this work for firms whom do not have the IT staff to process.  Even when Contractors are receiving orders from the Order Mills, the reality is that they generally are requiring the same paperwork as the Nationals anyway.  Time and again I remember coming in at 2000 or even later having to enter the pages of paperwork required.  Several times I actually fell asleep at the keyboard!

Enter the overseas outsourcing platforms.  First and foremost, most of these are dependent upon utilizing a major platform as the “catcher.”  PPW and FieldComm are two examples.  In essence, what the outsource Client does is scoop the photos and data from the catching platform and then generates the required back end paperwork required.  Even the domestic firms dedicated to outsourcing still tend to farm their work out to India.  Techspeed is an example of a domestic firm which outsources property preservation data on behalf of Contractors.  We spoke with Rich over there and he seemed to have a pretty firm grasp of the system required to move data to the big Nationals.  He did, though, intimate that the data was till farmed out to “other” overseas assets.  Dhaninfo appears to be the outfit in India wherein all data pools arrive.  We spoke with them and they stated that they assign a Project Manager to the average account and dedicate an average of 200 hours per month to the product (Note:  our set of data consisted of 400 Initials, 250 lawn cuts, 15 bid completions and 6 renovations).

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