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This entry is part 4 of 14 in the series #OpISIS
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#OpISIS: The Skiddies Come Home To Roost

This entry is part 4 of 14 in the series #OpISIS

Propaganda is only as good as the ability to capitalize upon it. This salient fact is something which The Islamic State (ISIS) seems not to comprehend. Now, I am not suggesting that ISIS is not out there cutting off the heads of people unfortunate enough to be in their Area of Operations (AO). What I am saying is that their Cyber Caliphate is ill equipped to inflict meaningful damage commensurate with their claims.

In December, The New York Times published confidential comments by Major General Michael K. Nagata, the Special Operations commander for the United States in the Middle East, admitting that he had hardly begun figuring out the Islamic State’s appeal. “We have not defeated the idea,” he said. “We do not even understand the idea.”

There are two forces whom seem to sum up the cyber war between Radical Islam and The West. On the one side you have what I call the Cyber Caliphate which conducts cyber operations for the Islamic State. On the other, you have Ghost Security (GhostSec) which has taken on the role of that which the Western Nation’s intelligence agencies should be doing. In fact, while the intelligence agencies were all running around throwing money, hand over fist, at zero-day exploits to listen in on phone sex conversations of foreign dignitaries, they turned blind eyes to entities which they incorrectly believed furthered their own interests.

It is really an unfair match up; GhostSec vs the Cyber Caliphate. The Cyber Caliphate, Jihadi Jane, are even less than skiddies. Fact of the matter is that the Jihadi Janes parading around playing grab ass with each other in the sand are merely defacing a few sites. It does not take a rocket scientist to photoshop some script and drop it in a back door. Even the occasional DDoS which Jihadi and Caliphate Jane get off, are merely grasps at straws within a bale of hay they will never control. You see, while Caliphate Jane is out looking for the straw, GhostSec has command and control over the entire hay field.

The sad reality is that unless and until citizens not only of the United States, but of the global, democratic world — I use the term democratic very loosely — realize their governments do not have a vested interest in truly bringing ISIS to its knees. And while the governments of the Western World are putting on a pretty good show of rounding up a few folks here and there, the reality is that, as we demonstrated in our last article, they have somewhat of a vested interest in not fucking with ISIS.

So, as the governments of the world try to keep a lid on their fuck up; as the governments of the world are more than willing to allow attacks upon its own citizenry to continue the charade that they are helpless to combat photoshopping camel jockeys, GhostSec is stepping to the plate. Here, let me walk you through how the GhostSec crew are addressing that which the government will not.

Ghost Security looks to attack online target sites in multiple ways, here is a breakdown of some of our most commonly used methods:

Denial Of Service (DOS)

  • Network based DOS including SYN Flood, SSYN, DNS Application
  • Application based DOS including HTTP/HTTPS Poison, XMLRPC, WMI/SNMP Flooding
  • Legit Source/Crowd Flooding
  • All available in standalone and distributed attacks

Site/Application Attacking

  • SQL Injection
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Targeted Spear fishing (Both writing and hosting)
  • Brute Force
  • Social Engineering
  • Codebase manipulation
  • All of which often result in defacements of sites
  • Database acquisition (forums, etc.)

Site Threat Analysis

  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Network Penetration Testing and Analysis
  • Honeypots (We maintain multiple, including a site with 50+ attacks per day)

Ghost Security Intelligence Capabilities

Through our worldwide network of associates we can crowd source Intel and vet it more efficiently than any government agency.

Intel gathering (both online and on the ground) is possibly Ghost Security’s greatest asset with the maximum possible levels of automation.

  • Automated social media scanning with live real time analysis
  • Automated site indexing/cataloging/archival on proprietary software
  • Organization-based online research and collaboration/threat analysis
  • Individual-based online research (d0xxing)
  • ID and location of live targets via online tools and on ground Intel
  • Undercover social media accounts by foreign and embedded Operatives
  • On-the-ground Intel sources in Syria/Iraq/Iran/Libya/Turkey and N. Africa (some within IS itself)
  • In-house native language speakers / translators for all languages spoken.
  • Crowd based Intel collection analysis and reporting on all social media venues
  • Automated website reporting to hosts of Propaganda across several social media platforms
  • Access to Zero-day vulnerabilities instantly
  • Site Spoofing
  • Social Media/Email Account Intrusion

Ghost Security Technical Capabilities

Ghost Security mange all of their own systems and as much as possible writes all of their own attacks, scans, archival and comms software.  Our custom development includes:

  • Development of attack engines including BOTNETs and Booters
  • Development and management/monitoring of honeypots
  • Development and management/monitoring of
  • Development and management/monitoring of spear-phishing sites
  • Crypto-cracking algorithms
  • Secure communications platform for coordinated attacks to anywhere in the world.
  • Development and management of Intel collection and archival systems synched by Target ID
  • Development and management/monitoring of many data mining projects to obtain specific targeted Intel from all social media and terrorist forums.

Now many out there are going to be hesitant to admit that while on the one hand democratically installed governments spare no measure in spying, tracking and prosecuting their own people, they never will apply the same scorched earth policy against those whom have gone rogue. I am not alone in this belief. DigitaShadow, whom heads up Operations for GhostSec, opined similarly in a recent discussion with Foreclosurepedia,

We would like to make it a point that the people can not depend on their governments for protection as they do not take the threats seriously however the people have us and themselves to count on which we hope gives them a sense of empowerment to some degree. We believe that putting the power into peoples hands brings more comfort than the false promises of a government entity where they see no real results.

If this was simply a pissing match between two cyber groups it would be well and good. The reality, though, is that ISIS will eventually begin to both improve upon and expand its cyber operations. Whereas, Al-Qaeda has, for quite sometime, had a rigid and sophisticated technological capacity, the reality is that ISIS will eventually begin to achieve somewhat the same. Currently, the vast majority of ISIS internet coups are predominately conducted by ISIS sympathizers, there is enough money flowing now to hire out or conduct in house training to scale up. Group IB is saying the same in a report they issued out cautioning about this.

Considering the growth of the number of members in ISIL cyber divisions, their training and fanaticism, there’s a risk of transition from the comparable easy attacks by ISIL hackers to more complicated, including critical infrastructure and industrial systems threats – underlined Ilya Sachkov.

Caliphate Jane, though, has been reading some history. You see, ISIS is now beginning to roll in the direction of bona fide Nazism. In a page straight out of the Gestapo, ISIS is issuing Repentance Cards. These cards literally can mean whether or not you are heading home that night with your turban still on your head. For those of you not remembering, back during WWII, Adolf Hitler had created the Reich Citizenship Papers which are, in many ways, identical.

ESKI MOSUL, Iraq — Inside the Islamic State’s realm, the paper testifying that you have “repented” from your heretical past must be carried at all times. Many people laminate it just to be safe. It can mean the difference between life and death.

I keyed to something in that New York Post article that is eerily similar to what is going on here in the United States,

People hate them, but they’ve despaired, and they don’t see anyone supporting them if they rise up,” said a 28-year-old Syrian who asked to be identified only by the nickname he uses in political activism, Adnan, in order to protect his family still living under IS rule. “People feel that nobody is with them.”

In fact, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) here in the United States has a very similar program which determines whom is and is not allowed to work. Eric Miller, the Executive Director of NAMFS, created a program wherein ONLY those people whom pay nearly $100USD each year are allowed to work on behalf of Wells Fargo which evicts people from their own homes. Amazingly, Miller, like ISIS, is unrepentant for his actions and in fact renders aid and comfort in ensuring that Joe Hummel, a man convicted of financial crimes, remains seated upon the NAMFS Membership and Finance Committee. Miller receives well over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR WHICH CONSUMES OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER  DUES which he an his family in Stow, OH, live the life of a king upon while the Offender Members of NAMFS defraud millions from those whom might stand up and object. Funny how there is little ideological difference between the financial terrorism which Miller and his thugs commit and that of the radical Islamist.

And what happens to those whom stand up against Eric Miller? The same thing that happens to those whom take a stand against the Islamic State. They are sued and made an example of. While Foreclosurepedia slapped Miller and his bullshit lawsuit down like a pimp does a  bitch, others attacking ISIS have not been so lucky.

Pastor James McConnell was accused of Islamophobia after he denounced the Muslim religion as a “heathen” faith in May 2014. He issued a public apology, but not before Northern Ireland’s first minister, Peter Robinson, came under fire for initially defending him. I mean you really have to hand it to Northern Ireland which is just a stone’s throw from where Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS) houses the data, including biometrics, on nearly ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND Contractors which we spoke about earlier in the Miler Segment. I mean this bastion of peace and acceptance which brought us productions like the Irish Republican Army — if this isn’t a piece of fucking irony, I don’t know what is!

You see, while the governments of Western Democracies are doing their absolute best to roll out the red carpet for Jihadi Jane and her Camel Jockey the Cyber Caliphate. The reality, though, is that Jihadi Jane and the Cyber Caliphate must be sucking each other off in the stable as their threats back in May seem to only have materialized in the wet dreams of the pro Islamofacist Media.

The only people out there giving it their all; the ones not only fighting ISIS, but also the very governments whom pretend to hate the Islamic State, are those folks over at Ghost Security (GhostSec). As of 20 June 2015, GhostSec had a tally as follows for #OpISIS:

  • Website attacks 1000
  • Websites offline 110
  • Twitter accounts suspended 52701

Giving some credit where none is due, Europe seems to be jumping on the bandwagon with respect to gunning down Islamic State Twitter accounts. In what can only be termed as an open defiance to the Obama Administration’s obvious pro ISIS stance, the Europol police team are tasked with closing down a network of Twitter accounts which tweet an estimated 100,000 times every day, many of which contain extremist views. The crackdown will begin on 1 July. More on point, though, the Europol police agency has set a goal of closing down offending ISIS social media accounts within two hours of them being set up.

Not to be left out of the spotlight, the US Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism had a bit of a production up on the Hill back in January, 2015. When you drill down upon that which Ambassador Mark D Wallace of the Counter Extremism Project (CEP) had to say, I am amazed at how both the US Department of Defense and all the alphabet soup boys square their hatred of all things GhostSec!

I feel pretty safe in attributing credit to GhostSec for that which Europol is stepping up to do. And understand it is a thankless job. The reality is that Twitter has, to some degree, employed a small toolkit to deal with the flood of Islamic State Twitter Accounts. The problem, though, is best exemplified by Asawitiri Media.

Each time Asawitiri Media’s account is flagged it amazingly regains all of its many thousands of followers within hours which is about 10K within 24 hours.

Social networking sites allow terrorists to use a targeting strategy known as narrowcasting. Narrowcasting aims messages at specific segments of the public defined by values, preferences, demographic attributes, or subscription.

In another ironic twist, the Islamic State seems to have pissed off one of the more hardcore groups of folks in America — those whom still like to watch Porn.

Twenty-one-year-old Mia Khalifa recently became the most popular star on adult website PornHub. Khalifa was born in Lebanon but moved to the U.S. when she was 10 years old. When word of her career choice reached her home country, many were less than thrilled.

While ISIS may win some screw loose idiots here and there, I think it is safe to bet that when the word gets out that you’re not going to get your nuts out of hock with Jihadi Jane, the appeal may wear a bit thin.

I am on the road to Philadelphia this week so I won’t pick back up on this Series until after the weekend. In the meantime, Forelosurepedia asks you to Support GhostSec. Every little bit helps! Fact of the matter is that with GhostSec you get dollar-for-dollar; with NAMFS you simply get fucked!

Caliphate Jane

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