Open Dialogue About Unionizing Under Dynamex Hits The San Francisco Chronicle

Voices Grow Louder For Unionization In Mortgage Field Services Industry

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An article released today, by the San Francisco Chronicle, has renewed discussions pertaining to the Dynamex decision in California.

There are even proposals to let workers come together and form a guild of independent drivers with some bargaining power, represented by unions,” Ebbink said. “Obviously, gig companies would be looking for some relief from the Dynamex decision or its possible retroactive effect in exchange.” — Benjamin Ebbink, a Sacramento attorney at Fisher & Phillips, a law firm that represents employers, and a former consultant for the Assembly Committee on Labor and Employment Committee.

Mortgage Field Services Industry firms have been sued, made multi-million dollar settlements, and had multi-million jury verdicts entered against they for continued employee misclassification. And as the California legislature begins to address the California Supreme Court’s Dynamex decision, organized labor is beginning to make an appearance.

Foreclosurepedia has long believed that the lack of Organized Labor in our Industry comes at a price and is a disservice to both Labor and Management. And we are not alone. Should Labor and Management not desire to round table it up, at some point the Teamsters will!

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