Brookstone Management Demands Unpaid Training For Misclassified Employees

Brookstone Management Demanding Unpaid Training With Emphasis On Fannie Mae Portfolio

In a time of Dynamex, the wisdom of demanding misclassified employees to attend non paid, mandatory training, is questionable, at best. Here is what Abraham Goodman rolled out earlier this week,

Brookstone is holding a training session for all new and existing Inspectors performing work in Connecticut. This training session is MANDATORY and REQUIRED for all new and existing inspectors. We are excited to meet you in person and have a lot to review. The training material has been updated and we STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU ATTEND.


Please be advised all new Inspectors receiving this email MUST attend this training or you will not receive work (or any further work). If you were invited to a previous training and did not attend you must attend this training or all current work orders will be reassigned.Please note that if you’re currently performing the Brookstone Management (BM inspections) and you refuse to do WorldAPP inspections, the BM Inspections will be reassigned to a company that is completing WorldAPP inspections. We realize you are busy with our work orders, this is why we have scheduled it for Tuesday, February 12th at 2:30pm.

Emphasis appears to be focused upon Brookstone’s Fannie Mae portfolio. More details on this fast moving story as it continues to unfold.


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