Oklahoma: Are You Helping?

As a native of Oklahoma I well remember my childhood growing up in Tornado Alley.  It was part and parcel what we dealt with.  There is a pervasive sense of “We’ll make it,” especially as most of us have roots going back before the Dust Bowl.

If you are a Company in Oklahoma why not take a day and help out?  You move debris anyway!  Or, ship some items down to help those in need!  I am really surprised that the Nationals, with all the the obscene profit they make, haven’t mobilized!  We’ll keep tabs and I am sure they will muscle the PR Value out before they act.

Foreclosurepedia’s thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this horrific storm as with the families whom have suffered both loss of life and security.  Let us all rally around these stoic and humble people and bring at least a small token of our compassion as Contractors to bear upon both Moore, OK, and the surrounding communities!


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