Ocwen: While The Lamestream Media Chases A Story Foreclosurepdia Stays The Course

It seems that just about every day I get up, there is yet another cheerleading article pushing the Benjamin Lawsky agenda. For those living under a rock, Lawsky is the New York Banking Czar whom has been out on a mission to castrate anyone whom are not paying the Tithe to the Temple of the State. Now, to be clear, Ocwen is having some issues. Those issues translate into homeowner’s having problems, as well. What I am concerned about, though, is that the Drive By Lamestream Media — Insert HousingWire, DS News and WSJ — are attempting to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Here, let me break it down in the manner which only a trained medial professional such as myself is capable of doing,

Foreclosures do not occur because someone IS PAYING THEIR BILLS! So, to address the alleged back dated letters which HousingWire is blowing up like some kind of CIA Conspiracy — and if you detest CIA Conspiracies maybe you ought to expatriate as they keep the water running and the boggeyman at bay — requires an unemotional examination of the genesis of the problems we are dealing with today. The reality is that many of the people whom were foreclosed upon should never have been approved for a home loan to begin with. Barney Frank, et al., in their never ending pursuit of liberalism, which is a mental disease, began the drum roll for what we are experiencing today.

Now, let me be very candid here and ensure that I get salt equally distributed upon all the wounds out there. I make no bones about Lawsky’s Socialism Agenda. If he wants to pursue his agenda as a Cuomo lapdog, more power to him. Personally, I believe the liberties he is taking far exceed the legal power his office holds; I believe he trespasses upon the venue of the federal government. He and good ‘ol Andy have been partners in the political wheel for quite some time and let’s not bullshit around, Lawsky appears to have a hard on for anyone whom is not kicking in for the Cause — both here and abroad. If you are white and successful, the State of New York is making it crystal clear you are going to Pay the Temple Tax and there is no other PC term for it. Back dated letters? Are you for real? OK, let’s run with that for a moment. Fine Ocwen a hefty amount to send a message; get the problem fixed; send the homeowner’s some money and move the fuck on. No, this is a good old fashioned fishing expedition. First, the reality is that the homeowner’s getting letters — back dated, front dated or any fucking date — are not able to pay their mortgages. In essence, those investors whom stuck their neck on the line including US Taxpayers, are merely prolonging the death procession. In the Temple Mentality, the State — insert Lawsky and his ilk — is going to intercede and redistribute the wealth, but NOT BEFORE they take their Temple cut! Hello? Did someone put a gun to these folk’s heads and say, “Sign here, or else!” Hell, no. This is liberalism on steroids; this preordained the crisis and the banks whom understood the mentality of the Emperor simply capitalized upon the errors of Washington’s ways.

Make no mistake I am not pro rich. Most months I struggle to even pay my phone bill. Foreclosurepedia’s sponsors cumulatively send enough to get a cup of coffee twice a week. I don’t write for the money, though. My problem with what is going on in New York is that this is a shakedown and nothing more glamorous. I mean Lawsky is acting like Ocwen is Countrywide and help me to remember a SINGLE FUCKING CHARGE LET ALONE CONVICTION against any of the motherfucker’s whom spun up the mess we are in and put people like me on the hook for a nearly FIFTEEN TRILLION DOLLAR tab?!

Lawsky and the rest of his priests like Elizabeth Warren, Elijah Cummings and their maggot Drive By Media Pundits are all out to simply score points and pushing the Democratic Agenda. Here is the irony in what today’s liberals are about: The Thirteenth Amendment; the Amendment which abolished slavery, was almost exclusively a Republican party effort — only four Democrats voted for it! And there you have the quintessential definition of the bane upon which our Republic has long suffered under Jacksonian Democracy; pox upon their house!

The reality is that Lawsky’s reign of shakedown’s is finite much like Meyer Lansky’s was. If Lawsky wanted change, he would have pulled up a chair and sat down at the round table like a man; like an AMERICAN! What Lawsky does is roll out the dog and pony show to pretend he is doing something for the working stiff; Lawsky is simply bankrolling Cuomo and the rest of the welfare collecting lots whom can’t pay their bills the way I see it.

I was astonished when I noticed that HousingWire took the overt direction of siding with those whom would create a socialistic nation. More on point, though, I am at a loss to find why it is that Ben Lane and his bubbly co pundit Brena Swanson would cast their lot in a diametrically opposed fashion BEFORE the dust had settled. Sensationalism, is why. Deafening in its silence and blinding in its display of B Rate Journalism is the lack of reaching out to Ocwen. To be blunt, I am a redneck in a county with one stoplight and maintain a large rolodex of Sources on a zero dollar budget. When the very people whom finance SourceMedia are thrown under the bus, it might be time for a rethinking of Ocwen and other’s advertising budget. As I have always said, people speak loudest with their check books.

Is Ocwen perfect? Hell no! Then again, they are doing a far better job than the very banks whom are attempting to spin up the Sub Prime Crisis, Part II. The reality is that as early as April, 2014, Foreclosurepedia was going to bat for Ocwen and putting out the true numbers as opposed to those spoon fed to the Drive By Pundits. That is the difference between Jacob Gaffney and myself; Gaffney is content to print the Talking Points, whereas Foreclosurepedia issues the Talking Points. I mean with the amount of capital that Paul Jackson has amassed, one would think he would try and ferret out some type of accurate rebuttal. In essence, HousingWire has been behind the eight ball, for quite sometime with reference to the fact that Rome is burning down. Probably a Berghorst supporter as well.

At the end of the day I am going to catch some hell for this Article — not a road I am unfamiliar with. The reality, though, is that Ocwen is being forced to hold a bag of shit in a proxy war between liberals and those whom are demanding of the Temple Tax.


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