October One Revolution

#OctOneRev  The October One Revolution. It is finally underway. Reflecting back over the past several months the reality is that the Property Preservation Industry is in free fall. Leading the charge off the cliff and into the abyss are Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). The recent and steady flow of Demand after Demand ponied up by Safeguard Properties (SGP) with respect to Contractors coupled with millions of dollars being withheld by other National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills through a scheme known as Back Charging brings full circle the need to become pro active. Add to this the fact that many Order Mills are teetering on bankruptcy and are borderline solvent, #OctOneRev is LONG OVERDUE!

To date, Foreclosurepedia has been the only Voice of Advocacy for Contractors within the Property Preservation Industry. We have additionally begun dedicating attention to the Brokers in the Industry understanding that a common plight is shared by both.

Identifying problems is a relatively easy task. Producing solutions presents challenges. The backbone to both begins with a base set of statistics. While Broker statistics are somewhat identifiable, statistics pertaining to Contractors are virtually non existent. In an Industry loathe to release anything including Pay owed to Contractors, Foreclosurepedia had to think outside the box.

Several years ago, Foreclosurepedia realized that there was a problem; a problem which was spreading like a plague. We began to reach out to the Industry and the US Government to create the first back channel network ever contemplated to facilitate in addressing the obscene abuses rampant at the highest levels of power within the Industry.

Information is the most powerful commodity on the face of the Earth. The ability to semantically interpret information allows Foreclosurepedia to assist Contractors in being paid by recalcitrant Rogue Order Mills, predict trends within the Industry itself and ultimately will successfully implement Regulation within the Industry.

For nearly a quarter of a century the NAMFS has maintained the status quo within the Industry. Their Authority was not questioned; their Membership quietly lined their Pockets with hundreds of millions of dollars by and through Contracts negotiated between the very Financial Institutions whom manufactured the Foreclosure Crisis and the US Government. During that period of time, Labor was content with the unregulated Industry; the occasional failure to pay by a Rogue Order Mill was tolerated as the price of business.

The landscape today is due to several things. First, due to lack of regulations and greed, the Industry began to hire felons within their own ranks. Additionally, to continue to fuel the obscene desire for profit, the Industry began an orchestrated campaign to knowingly hire untrained and incompetent Contractors from Craigslist. The results of both are evident with a simple search of the US District Court dockets now clogged with hundreds upon hundreds of pending cases against Safeguard Properties alone. The NAMFS remained silent. Contractors and their families were destroyed. The disease spread, though, as the incompetent Contractors hired by the Order Mills began to do what criminals do best: They Made Mistakes. The problem was that the mistakes they were making began to violate the safety and security of Americans.

Instead of admitting that there was a problem; instead of the NAMFS reaching out to its Members and telling them that innocent victims were paying the price for higher dividends, the Wild West of the Property Preservation Industry continued full steam ahead.

Even this was not enough of a wake up call. Over two years ago, Foreclosurepedia predicted that the deterioration of the Industry would ultimately be blamed upon the Contractors themselves. We began recording the fact that Order Mills were requiring Contractors to foot the bill for the mistakes of an unregulated Industry. Time and again Rogue Order Mills began stiffing Contractors on monies due. Foreclosurepedia even reached out to the NAMFS to request that a Grievance Committee be established to field the hundreds of Complaints against its Membership. Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, turned us down.

Foreclosurepedia began to reach out to the US Government; the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), in an attempt to present the mountains of evidence which documented that the shoddy workmanship ORDERED by the Order Mills could never allow for the Conveyance of thousands of Properties to HUD. Even HUD’s own Office of the Inspector General identified millions of dollars in losses and decided the best course of action was to ISSUE RAISES IN PAY TO THE OFFENDERS!

To add fuel to the fire, the Industry emboldened by the lack of regulations, began to flaunt their contempt for even the minimal regulation on the US Government side. PK Management (PKMG) with their Exception For Convict Labor and A2Z Field Service‘s (A2ZFS) Vendor Fraud Policy which grants A2ZFS the right to kick in doors of Contractor’s homes without warrant and take anything they want while forcing Contractors to become informants upon other Contractors based upon “Morals,” are stark examples of an out of control Industry.

These issues and many others are the foundation for the October One Revolution. Currently, there is not a single Group or Organization within the Property Preservation Industry which addresses that which Contractors need:  Advocacy. The reality is that with Cubic Yard Pricing now being lowered to $8 (that IS NOT a typo), it is impossible for law abiding, licensed and credentialed Contractors to operate within the Industry. It is almost comical that the NAMFS is presenting a Presidential Gala sponsored by Southeastern Asset Services (SEAS) whom are themselves under scrutiny for refusing to pay Contractors. (Editor’s Note: One Contractor, attempting to get paid since March, has all of the sudden had a lady named Tara Foxwell at SEAS not only agree to pay, but following up with phone calls since we brought pressure.)

Foreclosurepedia has grown weary of standing on the sidelines and watching hopes and dreams lost by Labor. Realizing that Preservation Work has not only plateaued, but is in full decline, we understand that there is an undercurrent of discontent. As opposed to attempting to salvage everyone in the Industry, Foreclosurepedia is going to assist those Contractors whom actually perform their own work. We never have had a tremendous amount of respect for those whom profit from the labor of others.

Foreclosurepedia has recently networked with a wide array of contacts whom have agreed to assist Contractors in transitioning into the Federal Contracting arena. Recognizing that this transition will not be immediate, we have also initiated back channel communications with several Industry Order Mills whom have passed the Smell Test for those whom have grown weary of their current Masters.

Between now and October One, Foreclosurepedia will initiate the most massive campaign to organize Labor since the days of the Teamsters. We are going to create an Independent Consortium entitled the October One Consortium in order to assess the current state of the Industry and partner those Contractors whom are salvageable. The Consortium will work with Contractors whom are having difficulties being paid; assist in preparing those Contractors for entry into the legitimate Small Business Federal Contracting Community (DUNS, SAM, GSA, 8(a), etc.); negotiate transitions into the remodeling aspects of the foreclosure to rental realms; and establish collective bargaining for items such as health care, training, materials, equipment and fuel. We are additionally going to partner Contractors with Federal Contract Writers whom have decades of experience. Finally, we are going to tap into the talent which many of these Contractors have to create the World’s First One Stop Shop with respect to Wiki Based Information for those still remaining in the Industry.

Foreclosurepedia proposes to concentrate upon the Regional knowledge that each and every Contractor already possesses. We want to begin to share Intelligence between Brokers and Contractors wherein as the Field Service Management (FSM) work returns back underneath the umbrella of the financial institutions, alliances are in place to perform services. We additionally want to establish Regional Databases wherein Contractors are able to reach out to 501 Regulation D Investors and Hedge Funds wherein Contractors are able to provide both detailed Intelligence upon any given Property AND provide the required services.

As opposed to a Top Down mentality, we hope to create Regional and Autonomous Consortiums whom share Intelligence freely amongst themselves to further the Goals of Investors thus creating a dependable Network domestically and ultimately globally. Finally, as the Contractors will be able to freely market themselves without any Branding, we will ultimately partner them with our wide array of media assets and truncated avenues to help in their eventual Exodus from the Industry.

The time has come to end the stranglehold the Order Mills have had upon Contractors. The belief that there are no other avenues to make money; the PLANTATION CAPITALISM which SEAS’ CEO Robert Kapeluch speaks of in his diatribe against Contractors on LinkedIn, will come to an end.

The Silent Revolution has come. One Voice, One Cause. Foreclosurepedia will begin to release information over the coming days on precisely how to become involved. The time to remain complacent has ended. The ill guided belief that the Industry, in its present form, will change is a pipe dream. While we will continue to liaise with the media, financial institutions and the US Government in hopes of bringing regulations to the Industry we will endeavor to assist legitimate Contractors in their transition into Federal Contracting.

Stay tuned here, on the LinkedIn thread and the Forum. We will roll out contact information on the LinkedIn thread in the coming days.


#OctOneRev has begun!


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