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NPPG Transition: Elections In The Wind

Foreclosurepedia received word today that Chris Ziolkowski, National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG) Chairman, has tendered his resignation. The task in front of the NPPG now is TRANSPARENCY. The involvement of the Membership! The Page has turned; it is time for the Guild to start a New Chapter. With the proverbial Introduction completed, the Guild now needs to buckle down and get to the business of its Members.

We are hearing on the Street that the NPPG will be holding Open Elections in the coming weeks. We are going to cover these closely along with those of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). With respect to the Guild, we are also hearing that the entire process — Nomination to Election — is going to be a process ran by the Members. True democracy in action.

If this turns out to be the case; if the NPPG allows its Members to both Nominate and Elect its Board of Directors, Foreclosurepedia will grant equal air time on the Foreclosurepedia Podcast to each and every person Nominated and desiring such and will additionally Interview each and every person wishing to be Interviewed and Print each and every bio submitted.

The reality is that there isn’t really any other media outlet wherein Candidates are able to present themselves and their views. With Foreclosurepedia approaching almost 6 Million views, we feel certain that each Candidate will be able to communicate to the entirety of the Property Preservation Industry and the NPPG Membership.

The post script to the last six months with respect to the NPPG is that there are two ways of thinking. The first is to say that the NPPG is mismanaged and it will never go anywhere. I am NOT IN THAT SCHOOL OF THINKING.

The second school of thinking is this: The NPPG was a monumental step in the right direction with respect to the organization of Property Preservation Industry Contractors. There was no Play Book as something like this had never been done. There was no funding as the Property Preservation Industry keeps all of its employees — oops, I mean Independent Contractors — so damn broke they cannot even pay attention! Against all odds, the NPPG was formed and is now a Non Profit Corporation in the State of Texas.

Everyone makes mistakes. I make them each and every day; hell, I am a genetic anomaly in that I am one BIG MISTAKE! This is not to say that Ziolkowski nor Thomas Clark — you may not be familiar with Clark as he rarely dabbled in the Social Media arena — made mistakes. Retrospectively, hindsight is always 20/20. George W was successful because Karl Rove made him successful. Rove had multiple whacks at the Game, though. The Guild is simply taking its first steps upon a very long road.

The Membership of the NPPG have an opportunity; a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY, to make a difference in not only their lives, but the lives of THOUSANDS of other Contractors out there. Never again will the men and women whom slave day in and day out have the chance to improve the Property Preservation Industry. That window of opportunity is rapidly closing, though.

For any Organization to be successful, its Membership must be active! The time being afraid of saying, “I am a Member of the Guild,” is over. The reality is that the Property Preservation Industry is so embroiled with audits by the Financial Institutions that they could really care less. You are not going to loose work by making this Statement any more than another wildfire back West is going to impact your Work Orders if you live on the East Coast.

Your Guild NEEDS YOU NOW! You have a Board of Directors whom have weathered three Administrations. These men and women NEED your input NOW — TODAY! Of course a new Chairman needs to be elected. If the NPPG accepts Ziolkowski’s resignation, then the Membership needs to Nominate and Elect a new Chairman. The wisdom in the current Board, though, should not be cast out with the bath water, in my opinion.

What the Board needs is a robust injection of Membership PARTICIPATION! Ideas, comments, suggestions. Debate; down to brass tacks debate with transparency. That, my friends, is what will send a CLEAR and DECISIVE message to the Property Preservation Industry — an Industry that is reeling from the recent Mergers and ultimate removal of the Regional Order Mills — that the Guild has a dedicated set of Contractors whom are going to do the job RIGHT THE FIRST TIME to quote Mike Holmes. The Guild not only has Contractors at the ready to perform services, but the Guild is capable of extricating itself from the trivialities of negativity and Play Ball. That, ladies and gentlemen, will telegraph a sure sign that the Financial Institutions want to see.

Ladies and gentlemen, stand up and let your Voices be heard, but heard in a CONSTRUCTIVE way! Get back to basics; if the NPPG does in fact allow for Elections, get a Chairman Nominated and Elected and HELP your Board do the business of its Membership. The Guild is a FRIEND of Labor!

Bennett Vinson, Peggy Corino and Meg Barnes have been around since the beginning. They understand the negativity which Social Media can play and have avoided it. They understand the inner mechanisms of running the Guild; G-d knows they have logged full time jobs AND toiled thanklessly for the Guild. Let the Membership keep the wisdom in tact and Nominate and Elect a Chairman to ENSURE that Labor is represented going forward.

Let the Membership also contemplate the possibility of Nominating those currently on the Board for Election as well. Foreclosurepedia is HARD PRESSED to find fault with these folks and you KNOW we would have reported upon it had we found it. The Membership knows full and well that the Chairman they elect would ensure that the Membership’s wishes would be followed.

There is a LONG road ahead. With Education focusing in by most National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills, both the NPPG and FuryLearn need to get a handle on a Platform which is all inclusive. This will require ACTIVE participation by ALL Members. There needs to be implementation with respect to Administration. This will require ACTIVE participation by a Committee formed for this specific task. What better way to bring in Members to help assist them in learning how a Non Profit is run and perhaps fostering a next generation of Board Members? Commerce. The reality is that Members need discounts on Products and Companies need products tested in real world situations. It is legal, above board and makes common sense.

Brainstorming. That is one of the BIGGEST things which the Guild needs. Get the Membership involved after Elections, if they happen, and move forward. Take the same amount of energy devoted to negativity and channel it into Productivity.

Any NPPG Member whom wishes to speak directly to Foreclosurepedia is free to do so. We will gladly Interview anyone to assist in getting your ideas out to everyone. The time for the Circus and UnSocial Media is over. Make the Guild YOUR Guild Today!

This has been an OpEd pertaining to a possible Political Election. Foreclosurepedia has not been compensated in any way, shape or form for this OpEd. It is based upon both public and private assessments of the National Property Preservation Guild.

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