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NPPG General Council Assembly

The NPPG General Council will meet, en banc, this week. We will be discussing an Agenda for FY2013. Anyone with issues they would like heard and are members of NPPG are welcome to submit such. The Table is wide open right now; ALL Contractors with pay issues, regardless of NPPG status, may forward their issues for consideration.

The NPPG General Council will promulgate and release both its Position and White Papers with respect to a plethora of Industry related items within the first 30 days of Assembly. A Key Position Paper will deal with the overt targeting to defraud African American Contractors in the Southeast United States. This Case is well known to both HUD and VA as well as the Prime Vendors awarded Contracts, once again, by samesaid Agencies. We will additionally release redacted versions of our Intelligence Dossiers to our Membership within the first 60 days. Finally, within the first 90 days we will coordinate a media blitz by and through Top Tier Newswires as well as grassroots local outlets.

The Culmination of our 90 Day Plan will be on 04JUN13 wherein we will officially submit our Position Paper Outlining Anti Trust and Collusion in the Industry to local, state and federal legislatures; the States Attorney Generals Divisions and Anti Trust Division of the United States Department of Justice (William Baer); and finally to a Consortium of Lawyers whom are representing victims of the Foreclosure Crisis.

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