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New Contractor Services

We are finalizing our New Contractor Package for Guild Members.  What is it and what does it mean to you?  Well, several months ago a real estate agent in New York gave us a call inquiring about the Foreclosurepedia YouTube Channel.  During the course of our conversation he had suggested several things including putting together a package for folks which would consist of a website, corporate email and company branding.  After thinking about it for a month or so, we decided that this would be a great idea.  One of the biggest challenges for those entering into the Industry is the inability to get the word out about their company.  Additionally, in the 21st Century, the reality is that if a company does not have a web presence it is a stigmatization.

So, I’m interested in the Package!  What do I get?  Well, the New Contractor Package sets you up with a Content Management System (CMS) utilizing WordPress as the front end.  It creates a Secure Wiki and if desired a forum as well.  Additionally, we install the most current security protocols and populate up some basic data to get you underway.  We handle all of the back end coding, the shifting of your SQL files into hacker resistant settings and finally we turn over the site for you to run without the headaches normally associated with start up sites.

Yeah, but what’s the price?  Glad you asked!  We spin up everything for $350 USD.  You don’t pay for anything other than the server and name until you get the proverbial keys.  We also provide six (06) months of complimentary support free of charge!

What about streaming my corporate email through Google Mail Servers and running Google Apps?  Yeah, we do that too!  We also install SEO optimization, IP tracking (for those whom are curious precisely whom and from where the site is being viewed and streamed) and create job boards for employment.

What about getting my company out on YouTube so that we are able to get monthly checks like Foreclosurepedia?  Sure thing!  We will handle all of your corporate branding, stream your videos, establish your Google AdSense accounts and stream yours through ours to double your views.  Did we mention Google sends you a check each month and you do nothing except upload videos to help train your folks anyway?

So, how do I get started?  Well, drop us a line!  Simply click the Contact Me button at the bottom of the page and let us know what you are interested in!

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