Nevada Brothels: How Eric Miller Could Learn A Thing Or Two

Eric Miller could learn a thing or two from sex workers in Nevada.

Quartz, an internationally acclaimed digital news outlet, recently ran a great piece entitled, Inside Nevada’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch: Come for the sex. Stay for the negotiation skills. In fact, the Foreclosurepedia Western Command Area 51 Complex is located in Nevada. Many will remember Foreclosurepedia exclusively breaking the Hurst v Buczek trial, wherein, Buczek Enterprises was sued and paid a six figure settlement to Brad Hurst, a Mortgage Field Services Industry contractor who claimed he was an employee. For years now, Eric Miller, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Executive Director, has turned a blind eye to how his membership predatorily prey upon Minority Females in the Industry. Miller, the white, affluent leader of NAMFS, a trade association ran by a Board of Directors whom are all white, rakes in nearly One Hundred and Thirty Thousand Dollars per year. That figure is twice the national average for a trade association executive director and Miller’s salary consumes nearly seventy percent of all NAMFS member dues. In its nearly thirty years in existence, NAMFS has never had an African American upon its Board of Directors. And when many members are asked why, their collective answers are the same: Why Would We?

Robert Klein, an on again off again Orthodox Jew, depending upon where you catch up with him at, is the founder of Safeguard Properties (SGP), a National Order Mill based out of Valley View, Ohio. Prostitution is probably not the profession he describes to his rabbi as his primary revenue stream. In fact, Klein, whom has been dramatically removed from the front and center of SGP public discussion, determined, early on, that rules pertaining to W9 Independent Contractors did not apply to SGP.

While SGP has always been the largest offender with respect to atrocities committed against Minority members of Labor, homeowners alike have filed countless lawsuits against what may only be termed jaffaas the Jewish Mafia in Ohio. Most recently, SGP squared off against the Illinois and Maryland Attorneys General — and lost.

Alan Jaffa, Klein’s son-in-law, today holds the title as Chief Executive Officer at SGP. Jaffa, a squat, dour, ginger redhead, strikes one as more of a comedic replacement than that of the leader of a gargantuan vampire squid hell bent upon defrauding Minorities. Jaffa, to many, is the Americanized version of Kim Jong-un, the nim witted North Korean dictator whom appears to have a bit too much sugar in the tank.

Recently, Alan Jaffa, the former agent/owner of MFS Supply — MFS Supply was gifted to his fellow SGP cronie Michael Halpern — decided it was time to pull out all the stops and challenge the IRS head on. Jaffa’s working theory appears to be that not a single SGP contractor would dare to take the Jewish Mafia on, head-to-head. I mean if you scream holocaust long and loud enough, most people get queasy and back down. Here, let me walk you though, in a way that only a trained media professional such as myself is capable of doing. Below, is the latest language SGP is now using with respect to what they are calling independent contractors,

Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2016 3:42 PM
Cc: Laura Bush; Jeff Wall; John Perilli; Larry Purdon
Importance: High

Hey everyone,

I have included a recap below of the topics I covered in today’s conference call. Please review this information and allocate pertinent information efficiently to your subs and employees. Thank you and have a good evening!

  • Estimate/Repairs Scope Assessments and Bid Disputes: I have attached 2 different documents regarding this topic, please read these over and ensure you understand the procedure. The Estimate and Repairs Orders and Scope Assessments Doc is strictly regarding ERD and the Bid Disputes Flow PDF is for P&P. As I stated earlier vendors who are not using this process properly will be replaced per the directive of executive management. Please follow all pricing guidelines and do not bid excessively. Additionally you cannot push back and dispute a work order just because you don’t like the pricing- there will be some orders you will break even with or even take a loss but unfortunately the pricing is what it is and it will not be altered. This is being monitored and watched, we will recruit and replace vendors who are placing fraudulent or frivolous bids as well as any vendors unjustly disputing scopes and pricing.
  • MISCNB: The only time MISCNB’s should be disputed in P&P is if there was a true error on our end and you are not at fault. I am seeing entirely too many MISCNB work orders sitting until they receive a response from the MISCNB inbox and this is NOT the correct procedure! Regardless of if you are at fault or not the client needs the work completed. Once the dispute has been submitted work still is expected to be completed in a timely manner. If you are not at fault the adjustments will be made here on the back end. Any vendors who do not follow this procedures and let the work orders sit will be reassigned and charged back. Again, please don’t let this be your company and follow the correct procedure!
  • New Mold Policy: You all received training on this from Roy Kurka a few weeks ago on this so this shouldn’t be news to you. If it is please see the attached document Titled PP and ERD Mold Damage Policy; make sure all of your subs understand this.
  • Winterizations to be completed: I know some of you have received some winterizations already IF THEY HAVE A DUE DATE PRIOR TO 10/1 IT NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED BY THE DUE DATE REGARDLESS OF WORK ORDER TEXT (preferably earlier!). Any vendors who do not have firm commitment dates on their winterization work orders, these will be reassigned.
  • Draw Requests/Advances– Advances are a thing of the past and will no longer be completed unless there has been some kind of error on Safeguard’s end so please do not request these because they will be denied. As for draw requests these should only be few and far in-between. Some of you have been abusing this so please keep in mind that most of these are not personally approved by me and often have to go through Jeremy Barrick or Joe I. You must have all required permits uploaded into the work order and you need to be in good standing (performing).

Now, while many in the Foreclosurepedia Nation look at me like Jonnie Cochran, the reality is that I am not a lawyer nor do I dispense legal advice. What is going on, though, with respect to Eric Miller and his cronies unjustly enriching themselves by violating tax law, does not require researching the legal tomes of jurisprudence with respect to employee vs independent contractor citations. There are several prominent cases working their way through the federal judiciary including Bennett Vinson, et al., v Asset Management Specialists Inc., Asset Management Specialists LLC, and Does 1 – 25, EDCV-14-000369 DDP (AGRx) in the US District Court for the Central District of California. Vinson is the production of Monique Olivier of Duckworth Peters Lebowitz Olivier LLP(DPLO). DPLO brought on — or vice versa — James E Miller and Karen M Leser-Grenon of Shepherd Finkelman Miller & Shah LLP (SFMS) — these were the same nebulous web of miscreants whom Deep Sixed Kelly Brown in his $100 Million Qui Tam against Five Brothers and US Bank. And even more ironic was the salient fact that US Bank relied upon Foreclosurepedia to save One Hundred Million Dollars! Both Firms are aggressively pursuing courses of litigation against virtually all National and some Regional Order Mills whom are Members of the NAMFS Regime. And should these Liberty Tax ax grinders ever get off their collective bourgeois asses, the eventual settlements might have a few bucks left for Labor — after they submit their billing hours.

Nobody wants to pay anything. It’s nothing personal. It’s just that he doesn’t want to pay anything. That’s okay. It’s part of the buyer-seller experience. And, uh, like I go into a restaurant, I don’t want to pay 50 bucks for a steak. But I do.

— Dennis Hof, the owner of a Nevada brothel that was featured in an HBO documentary and reality series during the mid-2000s.

And that brings us back to the brothels in Nevada. For a period of time, the Foreclosurepedia Western Command was a mere 600 yards away from radio legend Art Bell, former host of Coast to Coast AM, and only a mile or so away from the two most legendary brothels, Sherri’s Ranch and world famous, Chicken Ranch.

The price difference is in part due to the negotiation, which creates an opportunity for price discrimination (charging more to customers willing to pay); prices are normally pre-set in the illegal part of the industry. Prices also reflect risk. Seeing an illegal sex worker exposes the client to the potential wrath of law enforcement, disease, the possibility the woman looks different in person or is untrustworthy. The legal industry is regulated, operates in the open, and the women are constantly screened for infections. Clients pay a premium to avoid risk.

If a Bunny Ranch worker is successful, she might earn more at the ranch, even after medical and licensing fees and paying the house a share of her earnings, because she benefits from their marketing and brand. Others earn less, but it is still worth it because legal brothels are a safer environment (there’s security, panic buttons) and they don’t have to worry about the law either.

The house takes 50% of money the woman negotiates, including any tips she receives. That cut may sound outrageous; perhaps it brings up cliched images of exploitive [sic] pimps. But in every commission-based sales job, the owner takes a large chunk of your earnings. Even Uber takes 20%. The women also have to pay $29 a day in rent, pay for doctor visits, and provide toys and other supplies. The business structure creates an incentive for the brothel to transform a new recruit into a successful businesswoman who can garner media attention and, most importantly, know how to make a deal. Working at the brothel includes extensive training in the art of negotiation.

Look, Eric Miller, swallow that pride, don’t let your lip react. Here is the reality: Even sex workers in the brothel industry are accorded more protection as independent contractors than those prostituting themselves to your NAMFS Offender Members. UNLV sociologist Barbara Brents, who spent years studying Nevada brothels, describes the mixed emotions and contradictions the brothels provoke. And the similarities are startlingly similar. What really stands out is the simple reality that those whom believe that they are independent contractors in the Industry are really the illegal sex trade surrogates whom are mentioned in both Brents and Schrager’s discussions. And to ensure the Dramabook hacks and the Foreclosurepedia Nation are both, on the same page, Brents is a professor at UNLV and Schrager has a PhD in economics.

You have to believe in your product, Hof says. If you don’t believe in your product you can’t sell it […] They will only pay you what you think you’re worth.

And that is the problem, you know. Labor has been kicked in the gut so many times they do not believe in their product anymore. And that is when it starts to get dangerous. When you have people whom have nothing to loose; when you have homes and families destroyed after playing the game properly, folks begin to realize that the system is rigged. And eventually, when you have kicked Minorities around as hard and for as long as Eric Miller and his NAMFS Offender Members have, you take the law into your own hands because you have nothing to more loose.

The System has made it quite clear that it is not here to serve anyone other than the oligarchy which is in power today. Neither do I praise nor condemn such. It is merely a fact which has been statically hammered into the culture of the Industry over the past decade.

Five Brothers Compliance Officer, Erla Carter-Shaw, is a name which evokes a visage of fraud and hatred from almost all who see it. Carter-Shaw, was Executive Vice President, at Taylor, Bean and Whitaker, yes that big powerhouse of fraud which the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) hired. The same Erla Carter-Shaw whose proliferation of signatures are legend in robo signing circles. Carter-Shaw, whose boss, Lee Farkas, defrauded $2.9 Billion dollars and was convicted on 19 April 2011, and profiled on American Greed. You see, Joseph Badalamenti stands, shoulder-to-shoulder, with Robert Klein, when it comes to having prolifically fucked over Minorities through calculated fraud. For forty years, Badalamenti stuck it to Minorities. And in a nearly identical roll as son-in-law, Tom Kalas became the Holder of the Keys to Five Brothers when he married Bada’s little miscreant. So, like Jaffa to Klein, so to then, like Kalas to Bada.

This concludes Part One of the Series. Stay tuned this week as we release Part Two in our Ongoing Series.

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