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National Field Network Teeters On Financial Insolvency

We have begun the debriefing of multiple National Field Network (NFN) former personnel. With NFNs loss of Reverse Mortgage Solutions (RMS) which consisted of roughly SEVENTY PERCENT of all Work Orders, we are now comfortable in stating that NFN is beyond salvage for all Members of Labor. Here is a little bit of what we are going to release over the next several days,

Jesse Randal, former Field Asset Services (FAS) Vice President, was summoned up to the NFN GHQ only to be escorted out of the offices after being fired. Pam Mills was given the same treatment and personally escorted out of the offices — Pam replaced Amanda Buczek whom ironically was hired by Reverse Mortgage Solutions and RMS has now pulled everything from NFN due to NFNs issues and not Fannie Mae.

We have the play-by-play on whom Crandell was fucking in the office and testimony on precisely what drugs were making the rounds at NFN. Heroin is a drug which is very difficult to beat on a hair follicle test. It will be subpoened as part of discovery if necessary. Whom was doing it and precisely where will be made known later this weekend. Make no mistake whatsoever, I would not be typing this if I did not have the ability to connect the dots.

Folks, it is very, very bad. You do not want to miss where this latest National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member is going. And yes, we are now able to connect Jack Jaffa to the silent ownership of NFN along with the fights between Crandell and Knott over the spinning down of NFN Now LLC.

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