The Goscinski Debt: Financially Insolvent Is An Understatement

There comes a point-in-time when any business must legally go out of business. Continuing to function when financially insolvent crosses over from simply being a civil matter to criminal in many cases. In my opinion, Jay Goscinski, owner of Michigan Realty Solutions (MRS), and Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime trespasses into the criminal these days. My opinion is based upon first hand knowledge pertaining to conversations between Goscinski, Members of Labor whom have been defrauded by Goscinski and Altisource, and from former MRS hired hands.

As early as October, 2014, Goscinski realized that there were problems making payments to Members of Labor for their services. In Full Disclosure, Foreclosurepedia attempted to reach out to Goscinski and bring some type of sanity to the chaos which he has allowed to blossom with respect to his Firm and its refusal to pay Members of Labor. In fact, Eric Miller, Executive Director of the NAMFS Regime was so concerned about this and rumors that Goscinski had allegedly entered into some kind of Mediation with Labor to buy time that he sent out emails to Goscinski and attempted to make phone calls to discuss the matter with him.

We now know that the Goscinski matter is dire — far more dire than simply bankruptcy. At each and every juncture, Goscinski had the opportunity to file suit against Altisource for the hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to Members of Labor through which Goscinski contracted with as a Regional Order Mill. Goscinski was counseled in a most candid way to pursue litigation to show good faith. At each and every juncture, Goscinski simply continued to rely upon a false sense of belief that some kind of capital providing firm was going to ride in like some kind of knight in shining armor to pay off the debt which Goscinski owed to Labor. This never transpired. The below sums up the vast majority of the information which I now possess and increases hourly,

Ok Ray maybe you need read the Agreement, states on the Agreement If terminated, contractor forfeits the right to bi-weekly advances for work performed and will only be compensated once MRS’s client fully approves and funds each work order, issued bi-weekly. It can take 30-90 days for full settlement with clients.

Bill was never terminated by MRS nor did we ever received a paycheck as of 10/31/2014 of any sort whether the 30 day late charge was included or not and we was told the asset manager was basically her fault, regardless who’s fault it was, point is he worked for you from Aug 16 2014- Oct 11 2014 and NO PAY, He quit taking work orders after  Oct 11 when we did not receive no pay and Nov 16 will be 90 days with no pay,  Correct you have been working with us regarding  the pay, you sent me the invoice Oct 18 and for your vendors working for you, seems you would be really trying get the payments out there asap instead of just dragging it along from days to weeks to months and I am appalled how you call the non paid workers disgruntled employees and clowns because we want our pay?? Like you told me yesterday you would call Bill concerning the pay to make payment arrangements and you never did..why bother to call just put the money in bank..please do not say you do not do direct deposit as I know you have paid other vendors direct deposit and I for one had stayed with MRS even hearing the stories of nonpayment, we took a HUGE LEAP OF FAITH with you guys and was never rude, just asking for our pay that is way past due and entitled to us, everyone here can clearly see the dates on these, from Oct 18 you still have been working on our pay…and I dont know how you got this whether it was forwarded or a employee forwarded it to you..who knows you might be next in not receiving your pay so you need think about that all of you. If it can happen to us not receiving no pay it can happen to you.

It is very bad folks. I would put the chances of Goscinski being able to collect from Altisource, without intervention, at maybe five percent. His reluctance to enter into litigation sends out an unmistakable signal that in identical fashion to Adam and Amanda Buczek whom were fucked by National Field Network, another NAMFS Regime Offender Member and refused to pay for in upwards of a MILLION DOLLARS worth of Altisource work orders and others, Goscinski is going to bank on the fact that he will be able to continue to lean on Labor to both shore up his ability to tote debt long term in an interest free setting and additionally to continue to perform services with no guarantee that they will ever be compensated thereof.

The common denominator in the vast majority of the crisis I have reported upon has been Altisource. With Altisource’s attempt to remove themselves from the Ocwen nightmare; a recent layoff of over 800 workers; and a new Financial Mouthpiece, the reality is that Altisource is a bad apple. No way in fucking hell will Altisource ever get back to where they were — read those background checks and financial audits all of you stupid idiots are footing the bill for are a waste of time as Members of Labor are going to tell you to suck a dick on Altisource as it is far too risky.

I empathise with Goscinski — to a point. I spoke with the man and he allegedly had some back channel contracts floating around. Now, whether he lied to me during our conversations or emails, I cannot substantiate. What I can say is that nothing he ever stated was going to occur materialized. What I am able to additionally state is that over the next month and a half — as predicted — the NAMFS Offender Members whom begin to fall are going to send shock waves so deeply that even the financial institutions are going to have to both take notice and ultimately step in if they want to stave off the Dodd – Frank Timeline Fines.

Unless and until Members of Labor begin to work directly with Portfolio Holders; unless and until Labor realizes that the only effective model is that which Asset Management Specialists (AMS) pioneered years too early in the W2 model, the only thing left for people to concern themselves with is at what point in time do they begin to make payments upon their bankruptcy proceedings.

Foreclosurepedia is enroute to Florida this weekend to report upon the grand opening of the Ironclad Preservation Facilities. We will release an early story on this in a couple hours. We are really excited about this as it marks the turning of the page with both Ironclad and Foreclosurepedia. Foreclosurepedia will continue to report upon and document the atrocities ongoing; however, we are going to begin in 2015 to pay close attention to those firms whom are doing it right and how their models are bringing success to both themselves and their Clients.


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