National Field Network Forced To File Official Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

It Gets Real For Shari Nott And Her Great Pal Jack Jaffa

The hits keep coming in with respect to the fraud and criminality surrounding the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). National Management and Preservation Services LLC dba National Field Network (NFN) was hauled back into court Tuesday where Shari Nott, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) was forced to submit a Motion For Conversion To Chapter 11 in New Jersey Federal Bankruptcy Court. The filing was in response to the Involuntary Bankruptcy filed by Minority Females and Labor alleging a litany of charges including fraud. And it has been a complete about face to statements forthcoming from NFN’s former Counsel, Victor Deutch. Deutch, the hired gun wielded by Nott to shake down innocent victims for millions of dollars including demands to take twenty cents on the dollar or go to hell. Now appearing on behalf of NFN is Brian L. Baker of Ravin Greenberg, LLC.

Baker was lead counsel to the trustee in the Solomon Dwek bankruptcy proceeding, where he assisted the trustee in the prosecution of more than $100 million in Ponzi scheme litigation claims; the sale of approximately 300 separate pieces of commercial, industrial, and residential real estate; and the reconciliation, reduction, and modification of more than $3 billion in claims filed against 81 separate, but related companies. He also helped the trustee obtain unanimous approval for a plan of liquidation that substantively consolidated all of the related entities, resulting in the return of millions of dollars to creditors.

David Shaver is representing the Plaintiffs in this matter. To date, Shaver has been extremely tight lipped about the litigation. Baker was a bit more accomodating. These were the questions put forward to Baker whom was kind enough to answer them,

Foreclosurepedia:  Do you have any comment with respect to the true ownership of National Management and Preservation Services LLC dba National Field Network by Jack Jaffa and will your firm be representing they throughout the proceedings or is additional Counsel being brought in.

Baker:  This office represents National Management and Preservation Services LLC.  It does not represent any of its owners, directors, officers, employees.  Disclosure of the Debtor’s ownership is mandatory and will be filed with the bankruptcy court.

Foreclosurepedia:  Very good. I appreciate that. I viewed PACER and had not seen the Disclosure of Ownership you mentioned. Does your firm have a timeframe for when that will be forthcoming. Thank you.

Baker:  Subject to getting an extension the schedules and statement of financial affairs are due in 14 days.

Foreclosurepedia has been able to confirm through several sources that Jack Jaffa, brother of Safeguard Properties CEO Alan Jaffa, owns entirely National Management and Preservation Services LLC dba National Field Network. Additionally, though, it looks like Jaffa is in for an extremely rude awakening. While normally only a previous year’s worth of financials are required to be put under the microscope, a close study of 11 U.S. Code § 521 (f)(2) states,

(2) at the same time filed with the taxing authority, each Federal income tax return required under applicable law (or at the election of the debtor, a transcript of such tax return) that had not been filed with such authority as of the date of the commencement of the case and that was subsequently filed for any tax year of the debtor ending in the 3-year period ending on the date of the commencement of the case;

That final section is what should strike fear into Baker, whom I am almost positive has absolutely no idea what he is involved with. This would take the period of review back to the Buczek Enterprises days. Instead of millions of dollars in unjust enrichment and fraud, we are talking about potentially tens of millions of dollars in unjust enrichment and fraud. And look the dance card is long and distinguished. Before we get to precisely whom is implicated — as if Safeguard Properties not being enough — here is what a former NFN employee had to say when I asked whether or not they might want to be forthcoming to me prior to these hearings,

I am telling you this because I am pretty sure it is important. We were processing on behalf of Five Brothers acting in their capacity.

Look, we are talking about the avalanche of fraud which brought down Buczek Enterprises when we bring these timeframes into focus. It brought down Berghorst Enterprises. And we all remember the former and now infamous NAMFS Secretary Heather Berghorst whom was allowed to remain on the NAMFS Board of Directors even after her SECOND BANKRUPTCY. We are talking about SEAS. It all swirled around NFN. And when Amanda L Buczek agreed to sell out her family’s business and victimize innocent Minority Females and Labor, she was simultaneously appointed as Vice President of Business Development at National Management and Preservation Services LLC dba National Field Network. We are talking about the movement of Amanda L Buczek to Reverse Mortgage Solutions (RMS) as a product of a backroom agreement put forth by Chris Crandell, Shari Nott, and Jack Jaffa. If this wasn’t the largest demonstration of industrial espionage in recent memory, I am not sure what is. The calculus behind this was far larger than appeared to the naked eye. This is the very same RMS whom she and her colleagues now claim never paid over $5 Million dollars and yet all records proffered — except the ones Shari Nott refused to release — all show payments to NFN.

I want to talk just a little bit about precisely how criminal these people are. Let’s dwell on Amanda Lea Buczek. Amanda jump started her career in a well documented case brought forward against her brother Shane Buczek. In fact, in 206 pages of testimony even the US Attorney was concerned about her sympathizing with Shane’s militia point-of-view in an enormous case of fraud against HSBC, forged passports, and possession of weapons. It read like a Who’s Who of the Murrah Building Bombing in Oklahoma City by Timothy McVeigh.

In USA v Shane Buczek, Proceedings held before the Honorable William M. Skretny, Part IV, U.S. Courthouse, 68 Court Street, Buffalo, New York on March 5, 2010, the following testimony was provided by Amanda L Buczek,


Q. You’re employed, aren’t you?

A. No, I’m not.

Q. You’re not? You don’t work in the family business?

A. We own the family business, my brothers and I.

Q. Do you work in the family business?

A. Yes, I do. I’m sorry. I’m not an employee, I own the company.

Q. I’m sorry. I asked you, you are employed, is that correct?

A. Correct, yes.

Q. You work in that — what is the name of the family business?

A. Buczek Enterprises.

Q. The family business rehabilitates Section 8 housing, is that correct

A. We work with —

MR. BUCZEK: Objection, Judge, that’s irrelevant.

THE COURT: No, it’s not. At this point objection overruled.

THE WITNESS: No, we don’t do Section 8.


Q. Do you rehabilitate housing?

A. Correct. When ordered, that’s not our main business, no.

Q. All right. The defendant has worked periodically in the family business, is that correct?

A. Not recently, no.

Q. Has he ever worked in the family business?

A. Correct. Helping out.

MS. BAUMGARTEN: You work in the family business in part because the family business generates funds?

Q. Have you been present when any of the phone calls have been made to HSBC Bank regarding your brother’s account with Best Buy?

A. No.

Q. You have not been present during any of the purchases of items from Best Buy by your brother, is that correct?

A. We’ve just utilized it as a family, but no.

Q. Utilized the Best Buy account?

A. No, the material that he had bought through his promissory note.

Q. But you were not present when those items were actually purchased by your brother at the Best Buy?

A. No.

Q. So you, as a family, the 52-inch screen TV, the home theater system, and things like that were used by the family members?

THE WITNESS:  They were at our house, correct.

Amanda L Buczek provided testimony which may come to truly explain how Counselor Baker’s Clients mindsets are. These people are different than the innocent victims they have financially terrorized over the past decade. Allowing the storage, enjoyment, and use of stolen products did not even phase Amanda L Buczek. And when it comes to industrial espionage, there are no other words to describe Amanda L Buczek’s movement to RMS as she was still the Vice President at NFN. It gets better, though.

Are you curious what kind of indoctrination the Buczek family has been exposed to? Here, it might help explain why none of them believed they did anything wrong,

THE WITNESS:  Your belief system is basically that the — when it comes to the banking industry or the economy and money, that kind of thing, is that all money that people have in their pocket for the most part is a debt instrument at  the time. There’s no gold or silver behind it making it worth of any value.

I mean this is whom was running the show for Jack Jaffa! And after defrauding millions of dollars from innocent Minority Females and Labor did the Buczek’s suffer? No. There was no bankruptcy filing. There was nothing other than Adam and Amanda Buczek telling innocent victims to go to hell as they pocketed the money. And whom helped package that deal? Altisource and Fannie Mae. Yup. That’s good ‘ol Ken Carroll, Fannie Mae’s starched white ambulance chaser down in Texas. In fact, Adam Buczek, Amanda and Shane’s brother, whom helped orchestrate the collapse of Buczek Enterprises with his sister, went to work for — and wait because you will love this — Safeguard Properties. Yup, Dan and Adam began doing hazard claims for Alan Jaffa. See, the criminal incest of the Mortgage Field Services Industry is so transparent that I am at a loss of words for why the Department of Justice has not stepped in.

These people are financial terrorists in my opinion. They pose a clear and present danger to civil society. Moreover, though, they pose a clear and present danger to National Security. I do not make that claim lightly.

My rationale for my belief is this:  The very underpinnings of the vast majority of our debt are secured by real estate. What I mean is that when Treasury goes to borrow on the open market, a take off is done on say how many houses are in the inventory; how many are occupied; and how much tax revenue might be generated thereto. With that said, had each and every misclassified employee — yeah, forgot about that part and my working with the State of California on the issue — filed a lien, the clouded titles would have been enormous. I brought this up with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). And if you go through the well over 1200+ articles I have written chronicling the billions in fraud which have been perpetrated upon US Taxpayers — not by the financial institutions ironically — by these people, you easily spook markets. If you really started digging around, Russia and China would be wise to question precisely how much debt load they have an appetite for with respect to say Fannie Mae or any of the other government sponsored enterprises (GSE). And much of the blame lies squarely upon HUD and the GSE’s for never obeying the law and financially auditing in accordance with directives both from the Federal Reserve Board and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

The victims continue to reach out. And NFN is the least of NAMFS worries. There is honestly no measurement to the length or breadth of fraud which is ongoing today. And neither the Shavers nor the Bakers of the world have much more interest other than billing.

Tune in to our Foreclosurepedia Podcast, tomorrow, as we interview several people close to this case and ask, Will The Real National Field Network Please Stand Up!

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