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NAMFS Website Listed As NOT SECURE By Google

This entry is part 19 of 24 in the series Industry Technology

In the longstanding tradition of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) and their refusal to protect the information of their Members, NAMFS website has been listed as Not Secure by Google which you may view here. Now, this impacts NAMFS, the NAMFS Academy — it impacts anything and everything which Eric Miller, the Executive Director of NAMFS, has touched in his nearly half a decade of failures. Time and again, I have reached out to Miller in an attempt to keep NAMFS Members safe. Time and again Miller has flipped me the proverbial bird knowing that his nearly bankrupt Association — it has roughly Twenty Grand in cash reserves as of its last Income Tax filing — will always cover him.

This is what we reported a month ago,

Eric Miller and his Merry #Fraudsters appear to finally have hit the end of the road. As predicted by Foreclosurepedia months ago, Google has begun to implement their requirement for HTTPS. In fact, Foreclosurepedia has sent multiple articles to Eric Miller, personally, in a plea to protect hundreds of NAMFS Rank and File Members. To date, Eric Miller has refused to do such. To many, this comes as quite the shock as Miller is out pounding the pavement attempting to sell yet another round of compliance with the bill footed by Minority Females and Labor whom can least afford it. Whether NAMFS merely could care less about its Membership or, as Foreclosurepedia has demonstrated that NAMFS is financially insolvent, the jury is out on. What is clear is that NAMFS, one of two Mortgage Field Services Industry Trade Associations, is demonstrating that it no longer has the wherewithal to guide an already fractured and nearly bankrupt Industry.

Google has begun implementing the black and white Not Secure and will soon go to the bright red lettering. More on point, though, each and every transaction; each and every login, is now fair game for hackers the world around. And let’s not bullshit around, Miller and NAMFS are not exactly held in high esteem by many of the people whom I interview on a daily basis. NAMFS alone, though, is not the only Industry entity which does not deploy HTTPS. Nearly SIXTY PERCENT of all NAMFS Members whom have websites are insecure. Foreclosurepedia will publish a list next week on those along with specific mechanisms which need to be fixed. While this is risky as it will make public to hackers their vulnerabilities, we believe it is both in the public interest and is legal thus it will force compliance. Regardless, NAMFS and its Membership will soon see the label on the right appearing on their websites beginning at the end of the month from Google. I sure would like to see Miller and his #Fraudsters try to force Google to change that! Yeah, not going to happen, but the real question is how many NAMFS Members will loose their Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in the meantime?!

Editor’s Note: Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, has informed Foreclosurepedia as follows,

Thank you for the email.  As to the issue regarding security of the NAMFS site, this has been resolved via a conversation with our provider.  NAMFS has maintained a SSL Certificate for our site for the past several years.

Foreclosurepedia commends the National Association of Mortgage Field Services for their actions and is hopeful that their Membership whom are having SSL issues will do the same.

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