MCS And NFR Leading Charge On Illegal Wells Fargo Chargebacks

Wells Fargo Teams Up With NFR To Chargeback The Hell Out Of Minority Females And Labor

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Foreclosurepedia has been closely monitoring the illegal slush funds which Wells Fargo, US Bank, Goldman Sachs and others have been amassing vis-a-vis chargebacks which are being criminally implemented against Minority Females and Labor by firms such as National Field Representatives (NFR) and Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS). We are seeing active NFR chargebacks going back, in many cases, several years, upon FHA insured mortgages, on behalf of Wells Fargo, which have already resold. One name continues to surface, Hank Cossingham, NFR Vice President. In dozens of requests for proof, NFR has been unable to provide anything other than subtle threats to eat it as part of the cost of continuing to work for NFR. Internal communications, though, shed an extremely concerning light upon how Cossingham and NFR are bleeding Minority Females and Labor dry on behalf of Wells Fargo — or so NFR says.

NFR receives, via email, spreadsheets demanding chargebacks and/or adjustments. While some are researched, the reality is that NFR does not get into pitched battles with Wells Fargo and, in fact, is complicit with the shakedowns. There are no legal documents, such as a HUD Demand Letter. In fact, the only thing that Minority Females or Labor are presented with is the good faith of yet another National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Offender Member that NFR is entitled to take any money they see fit, regardless of the timeframe and from what unique and independent contract that they want.

Starting to sound like the Mafia? Well, NFR was formed in 1989 in Claremont when the firm purchased the assets of two companies, Old West Services and Representatives of New England. And most surprisingly, in a time of both zero volume and NFR chargebacks hitting an all time high, The Eagle Times is reporting that the former Claremont Savings Bank branch at 158 Maple Avenue, was demolished for the future expansion of the headquarters of National Field Representatives (NFR) in Claremont. Curious about the pricetag? Four Million Dollars. I kid you not. And you know whom is piping off about it? That’s right, Hank Cossingham. And it is the Cossingham clan — Steve, Brad and Hank — that look out for no one but themselves. The reality is that Hank is going to go down with the ship and bring NFR along for the ride.

It doesn’t get any better when you head down to Texas, either. MCS, ran by Caroline Reaves, just made a huge, money gobbling, move several months back. MCS’ new 120,000-square-foot building houses up to 720 employees and has the price tag to prove it. We aren’t even talking about the cost to move and the integration of everything necessary for this vampire squid. Think MCS isn’t dedicating an offshore team to scouring tens of millions of photos and forms, years old, to chargeback Minority Females and Labor? Better think again. Here is what one of those folks had to say about MCS, another NAMFS Offender Member,

MCS sent a memo out in December of 2015 about being fined $250.00 for incorrect postings. I just recently received a charge back for $250.00 for an inspection that was done in 2014.

The wrong posting was left [in 2014] however the memo went out in 2015.

How on earth is it legal to back charge someone $250.00 for something that was done prior to a policy being put in place?

This is the norm, not the exception. And while not every chargeback is upon FHA insured properties, many are. We reached out to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development for comment and were told,

HUD’s Mortgagee Compliance Management (MCM) contractor can and does adjust payouts of current claims to recoup monies for HUD when pre-conveyance services were not performed.  However, this typically happens within the first month after title conveyance.  I’ve never seen any go back 2 years.

NFR, amongst others, is starting to take a page out of the alt right Trump playbook. In fact, there has been a growing trend not only by Cossingham and his family, but other NAMFS Offenders, to make sure that Minority Females and Labor are muzzled and know their place. Here is the latest bit of neo Nazi, Cossingham style, to make sure everyone knows whitey calls the shots,

From the NFR Sub-Contractor Code of Conduct

 14. I and each of my employees, co-workers, and agents will not disclose, share or provide to any unauthorized third party any information, such as photographs or videos of the Subject Property, or any information contained in the work order or inspection report, or any information obtained while conducting the Services or the type of Services performed or completed, including any information regarding the Subject Property address, occupancy status or condition.

 15. I and each of my employees, co-workers, and agents will consider and handle all Service information as private and confidential non-public information, and will not share any such information with any other persons or entities without obtaining prior written permission from the mortgage servicer.

17. I and each of my employees, co-workers, and agents will not solicit or participate in television, radio, print, advertising or media interviews or respond to any inquiries related to the Services performed at the Subject Property, and will not post to the Internet or the World Wide Web any information, photographs, videos, comments, postings or statements relating to the Services performed at the Subject Property.

In essence, Cossingham has no other reason to violate the constitutionally guaranteed civil rights of Minority Females and Labor, under the First Amendment, than SEAS did when they attempted to shakedown Brandon Pribble during his settlement upon fraud committed upon he with respect to Altisource properties. Fundamentally, my argument has always been the same: National, Regional, and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills cannot say they are blameless when they are the vehicle to and complicit with chargeback fraud. And like a page out of the headlines, the censorship by Cossingham and his family, is best characterized by my friends over at The Intercept, whom had this to say,

The mere fact that an act is illegal does not mean it is unjust or even deserving of punishment. Oftentimes, the most just acts are precisely the ones that the law prohibits. That’s particularly true of whistleblowers — i.e., those who reveal information the law makes it a crime to reveal, when doing so is the only way to demonstrate to the public that powerful officials are acting wrongfully or deceitfully. In those cases, we should cheer those who do it even though they are undertaking exactly those actions that the criminal law prohibits.

NFR accepted its role and direction from Wells Fargo and acted pursuant to that understanding, including understanding that Wells Fargo ultimately controlled the actions pertaining to their actions with respect to collecting monies from Minority Females and Labor in a manner which crossed state lines, using electronic means, and in the furtherance of an artifice and scheme which, in many of the cases, dealt with illegal chargebacks after Wells Fargo had been compensated by the US Government by and through form FHA 27011. In fact, it is not simply the facilitation of Wells Fargo’s financial terrorism; the Cossingham’s are not merely run-of-the-mill Eric Miller disciples, NFR has a long history in the hiring of other NAMFS Offender Members to ransack and steal innocent homeowner’s belongings as an ongoing court case in the US District Court For the District of Connecticut in New Haven discusses,

65. Pursuant to this, NFR then, through its own actions or through the actions of its agent and/or contractor, took steps to break into the plaintiffs’ home and lock the plaintiffs out of it.
66. Wells Fargo benefitted by the actions of NFR or its agents and/or contractors by NFR’s acts to secure the Premises Wells Fargo believed abandoned, thereby, in Wells Fargo’s estimation, protecting their interest in the Premises.
67. This was despite the fact that Wells Fargo knew or should have known that the plaintiffs were no longer in their home on a daily basis by virtue of the fact that the foreclosure process was under way, and they were in the process of moving their belongings to their new home.
68. Upon information and belief, NFR believed it had the authority to enter the plaintiffs’ home based upon the representations of said right and authority given to it by Wells Fargo.
69. Upon information and belief, upon the changing of said locks, prohibiting the plaintiffs’ from entering into their own home and excluding them from access to their own possessions and property, the only entities with access to the plaintiffs’ home were Wells Fargo and NFR, their agents or contractors.
70. Both defendants were then in control and possession of the plaintiffs’ personal property and home, specifically to the exclusion of the plaintiffs.
71. As such, the defendants were the only parties capable of protecting the plaintiffs’ belonging from theft or damage.
72. At the time that NFR, through its actions or the actions of its agent or contractors and upon the authority given to it by Wells Fargo, entered upon the plaintiffs’ home, observed, as any reasonable person would, that the plaintiffs’ personal property remained in the home and it had, in fact, not been abandoned.
73. Upon observing this, neither NFR nor Wells Fargo made any reasonable attempt to telephone, email or write the plaintiffs to inform them that the lock-out had taken place and that their belongings were no longer available to them without first obtaining consent and permission from NFR or Wells Fargo to enter into their own home.

It is clear that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) has declared an all out war upon Minority Females and Labor. NAMFS and its all white Board of Directors led by Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, demonstrated its inability to even remain financially solvent as documented by its filing of their IRS Form 990. The IRS Form 990 is the tax return required by all non profit business leagues; IRS 501(c)(6), which NAMFS is. And while NAMFS parades around as a legitimate trade association, they refuse to even release their physical address unless the requester binds themselves to a non disclosure statement. This dark of the night, criminally orientated, financial terrorism association is the quintessential definition of that which more than half of the United States has risen up against over the past 30 days of the Trump Presidency.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this nefarious story and as we additionally break the news on how New Jersey has begun to investigate those in violation of debris removal without the appropriate A-901 licensing — and the irony is that the Order Mills are required to have the license as well!

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