NAMFS Posts Yet Another $50,000+ Loss For The Year

Eric Miller's Forty Thousand In Pay Raises Equates To A Quarter Of A Million In Loses For NAMFS

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) lost $51,616 during its latest income tax filings for Fiscal Year 2017. Under the leadership of Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, NAMFS has lost tens of thousands of dollars each year while he has been granted ten thousand dollar per year raises during most of his tenure. Miller’s salary today exceeds One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars per year which is nearly the entire remaining amount of assets and capital NAMFS has left according to their IRS filing.

To put this into perspective, in Fiscal Year 2011, Eric Miller had received his first ten thousand dollar raise bring his salary to over One Hundred Thousand Dollars per year — that equates to roughly Forty Two Dollars Per Hour. Upon receipt of that raise, in Fiscal year 2012, Eric Miller had lost NAMFS $16,465.

In response to that loss, the All White NAMFS Board of Directors increased Miller’s salary by yet another Twelve Thousand Dollars to $112,044 per year — that equates to roughly Fifty Four Dollars per hour.

The following year, Miller lost NAMFS FIFTY THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND EIGHTY SEVEN DOLLARS! As a reward, Miller was given yet another nearly Ten Thousand Dollar Raise bringing his salary to $120,215 per year — that equates to roughly FIFTY EIGHT DOLLARS PER HOUR!

Let me explain this in a way that only a trained media professional such as myself is capable of doing,

By Fiscal Year 2014, Eric Miller had netted nearly Forty Thousand Dollars in salary raises and is currently paid $120,215 per year. This is roughly Fifty Eight Dollars per hour, 40 hours a week, 52 weeks per year. And while the All White Board of NAMFS continued to take the hard earned money from Minority Females and Labor, without their consent or vote, Miller had lost NAMFS a cumulative total of nearly A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS!

Between Fiscal Year 2014 and Fiscal Year 2017, Miller has additionally lost an additional NINETY EIGHT THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED AND EIGHTY NINE DOLLARS! That is nearly A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS in loses while being awarded TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR PER YEAR pay raises!

It should come as no surprise that NAMFS defers the filing of its income tax returns to the very last day possible by filing IRS extensions. And to that point, each and every year, Foreclosurepedia is forced to file an IRS 12909 Complaint with the IRS to compel NAMFS to turn over their income tax filings as required by federal law.

I submit to the Foreclosurepedia Nation that when the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) was founded, its very By Laws were constructed to never allow this wholesale fleecing of membership. I submit to the Foreclosurepedia Nation that your Donations to Foreclosurepedia continues to allow me to keep you informed. In fact, fraud is at historic lows based upon your kindness in continuing to support our Mission Statement of No Contractor Left Behind. I also submit to the Foreclosurepedia Nation that only by and through joining the IAFST will real change ever occur. There is strength in numbers! Minority Females and Labor have a Voice in the IAFST!






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