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NAMFS Membership Engraged Over Sell Out By Eric Miller

We reported yesterday on how Eric Miller, National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Executive Director and former NAMFS Regime President Deanna Alfredo sold the NAMFS Rank and File down the river. We were blown away by the outcry which flooded our Inbox and phone calls I fielded. Many folks think I just sit at home and type, but I work in the field on rehabs just about each and every day.

$65 dollars per background check is what Aspen Grove is demanding. I am hard pressed to find any other Firm out there whom charges that. The reality is that Aspen Grove does not even perform the Background Checks, they are simply middlemen — Order Mills.

I reached out to a Background Check Leader in the Industry today.  TLO was willing to discuss whom they are and what they do. Hank Asher, TLO founder, is often referred to as the Father of Data Fusion. Before he passed, Asher pioneered the parallel computing architecture that is capable of processing trillions of records at sub-second speeds. Today, this technology and TLO are owned by TransUnion. TLO further supports law enforcement agencies in more than 40 countries around the globe by providing, at no charge, cutting-edge technology used to identify and locate child predators.

We at [NAMFS Member Company] use TLO for our criminal background checks which is the largest criminal database company of the 5 in America. It is the same company that our US Government uses for their background checks. TLO was instrumental in tracking down the terrorist in 911. TLO is used by over 100,000 law enforcement agencies. It is the best of the best. TLO has the largest national criminal database known. They also have the largest sex offender database. TLO was just recently purchased by TransUnion, making them the largest database service in America.

Aspen Grove charges $65 per check, TLO only charges $6.

Six dollars. Now, you tell me where the other FIFTY SIX DOLLARS ARE GOING?! To verify, I spoke with TLO minutes ago. The pricing is a fact. Want to verify it yourself? David Magun is an Account Manager there; 561-226-9706 or email him at which ever is easier.

NAMFS Rank and File would do well to ask Herr Miller precisely why the NAMFS Regime supports a ONE THOUSAND AND EIGHTY SIX PERCENT INCREASE for a product which is inferior and does not even originate from their lackey Aspen Grove vis-a-vis Wells Fargo.

I do not have a horse in the race. What I do know is this: the NAMFS Regime has struck an unethical deal with Aspen Grove. A Trade Association should advocate on behalf of its Membership. In this case, though, the NAMFS Regime, in contravention to their Mission Statement under their Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 501(c)(6), advocated for the enrichment of both Aspen Grove and I believe themselves.

Stay tuned as we walk folks down the obviously illegal demands to purchase products from only ONE provider.

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