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NAMFS: How They Sold Out Their Rank And File

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS); the NAMFS Regime, just got off the biggest coup ever. Instituted under the Executive Director Eric Miller and former NAMFS President Deanna Alfredo, the NAMFS Regime just sold out Pruvan, East Point Field Comm, Property Preservation Wizard (PPW) and BC Connect amongst others.

The NAMFS Regime lead by Miller and Alfredo accomplished more collective damage to their own Rank and File in 60 days then has occurred in the entire existence of the NAMFS combined! I want that to sink in. The NAMFS Regime implemented the below conspiracy in less time than most Order Mills take to pay a work order — if they do pay.

Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) announced today that in addition to all $65+ background checks mandatory deadlines of 01 February, 2014, and all Contractors must eventually begin to stream all smartphone data via the Aspen Grove Platform. Now, this means that Aspen Grove is entering into the photo and form market. This ADDITIONALLY MEANS that Aspen Grove already has a working platform to stream the work product as well. They actually do as Wells Fargo, the very same Wells Fargo that sold Miller and Alfredo on the hustle of Aspen Grove, has been their International Client for years.

Let’s not bullshit around. The timeline on the entire thing is something that I have been screaming about while others thought I was insane. They did not possess the information I did.

Aspen Grove Ireland brought on Denia Graham in April, 2013. Wells Fargo knew that they wanted to have Command, Control and Communications (C3) with respect to their US Operations. To do that they needed an American Face. Graham, after the marital spat and leaving Field Assets (I wager that Dale made it clear he was selling) was a good fit. That’s eight months ago. Setting up the US Subsidiary out of Delaware was another nice touch to make it nice and clean.

For folks like the Palmers whom have put their life blood into developing Smartphone technologies for the Mortgage Field Services Industry it comes as little solace. Chances are that this Article will be the first that they have ever heard of this unfolding Coup put into play by the NAMFS Regime. The reality is that Pruvan will be ostracized from any hope of ever meaningfully participating in interstate commerce.

That term, Interstate Commerce; the monopolization thereof, is a term you want to remember. Eric Miller and Deanna Alfredo, the Dictators of the NAMFS Regime at the time, entered into this unholy conspiracy with Aspen Grove for rewards unknown … yet. What we do know is that the nefarious sell out does not end there.

The fact of the matter is that firms such as PPW, BC Connect and East Point will be left out in the cold as well. Why? Well, Aspen Grove has been in the development and implementation process for years with Wells Fargo. Why involve others; why spend more money for things you do not need? You got it. Mark my words, that the Work Orders will eventually stream through Aspen Grove as well.

Other outfits such as QRYou are going to be abandoned regardless of what was stated at the recent Arizona Conference. The writing is on the Wall. Now, how much was paid to have the Board of Directors all sign off on unknown and untried products forced upon Contractors in the field? Did anyone even contemplate that it is illegal to tell a Contractor what tools they must use let alone whom they are ONLY ALLOWED to buy products from?!

The NAMFS Rank and File had best get a clue. If I were any of the aforementioned in this Article, I would file a Class Action Lawsuit and request a Preliminary Injunction — yesterday.

I am not at liberty to put into writing precisely what else I know as it would tip my hand. I will say this: What I have written about tonight is NOTHING COMPARED TO what is getting ready to be implemented against the regular NAMFS Rank and File. The reality is that while many of the NAMFS Rank and File condemn me, the reality is that everything I have predicted occurred almost to the day that I said it would. While you people worshiped at the feet of the NAMFS Regime, your Masters sold you out — sold you out for pennies as it appears to me.

Perhaps some of you folks ought to set aside your prejudices and begin to reach out. Many of your colleagues tell me that I am not that bad of a guy to speak with. I think that compared to the Kool Aid you are drinking now, my beverage would be both refreshing and soothing.

Do not allow Barry Moylan to sell you on a false bill of goods. Graham is already well enough within the Circles out there that I need not opine. I wish, I really and truly wish that your Masters Miller and Alfredo had not sold out the very NAMFS Rank and File whom PAYS OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR WHICH IS NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES to keep up Eric Miller’s lifestyle and flights to all of the plush Conferences. No, I don’t. The Truth Hurts; it is, though, the only way the NAMFS Rank and File will finally become aware to what is truly going on.

Here is what I think: The NAMFS Regime’s Board of Directors has always been the same at the Higher Echelon. Each of these folks are privy to the financial issues all are encountering. I believe that these folks drank the Wells Fargo Kool Aid, sold it to the Rank and File and in exchange they will be compensated in the form of lucrative contracts and other compensation.

No two ways about it and my opinion is not going to change no matter how many lawyers these pathetic excuses for humanity sick on me. When you sell out your own Membership to further the aims and goals of a Financial Institution, you are yellow bellied cowards.  The men and women of the NAMFS Rank and File trusted in their Regime one to many times. They kept the secrets far too long. Now, they will all pay the price for it is too late for some like those mentioned in this Article.

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