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NAMFS: Is It A Man Overboard Drill?

Pay close attention to how many times National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is hyperlinked in this Article.

I just got off the phone with a National Association of Mortgage Field Services Member down in Florida. Normally, I would blow the story up; however, the phone call was a tragic affirmation of precisely how far up and down the corrupt Chain of Command deterioration is being exhibited. I believe there is a misconception out there that I simply hate everyone associated with the Management side of this Industry. That is not true; I hate everyone equally.  😉

I would love to publish a large Article on this guy and his Company. Why? Here is a sterling example of a decent National Association of Mortgage Field Services Member. Hard working Joe; ex military and running a tight ship. Articulate and well spoken, this person left us a message on our Foreclosurepedia Podcast Hotline.

The telephone call was initially run of the mill. Why are you so upset with NAMFS and what do you want? Understandable. I explained that I had great consternation with the fact that corruption had permeated NAMFS up and down the Chain of Command from the Board of Directors to the NAMFS Members in the field. When I laid out the artifice in layman’s terms, the abrasiveness switched to congeniality. Let me be clear here: The gentlemen did not call to pick a fight; this was an exploratory call.

Military people are generally alike. We have certain ways of identifying whether or not someone has served through vocabulary. The terms sir or ma’am are intrinsically ingrained as are how enlisted men respond to these terms. Snake Eaters are generally fast paced and I tip my hat which communicates a compliment from the Puzzle Palace. I digress.

The jest of the conversation revolved around the lack of knowledge of truly the width and breadth of dysfunctionality prevalent within NAMFS. In the instant case, here was a NAMFS Member whom as the conversation progressed, was being defrauded by another NAMFS Member. This gentlemen, like myself, had a military mentality and albeit from a daydreaming point-of-view wondered if a military solution might be the most appropriate response.

While neither of us agreed on everything across the board, we both agreed that there was an elevated level of discord within the Property Preservation Industry which draws into question the validity of even being a NAMFS Member. Each and all have questioned, other than Buczek Enterprises, why they continue to pay the hundreds of dollars a year to fund Eric Miller’s obscene ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR A YEAR SALARY. You see, that is part and parcel what my goal has been: To nip at the heels of the NAMFS; to bring doubt into the minds of NAMFS‘ lower level Members and begin the long and tedious process of forcing uncomfortable introspection.

Foreclosurepedia is not unique in reporting that many NAMFS Members are beginning to question the veracity and validity of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. A colleague of mine, over on CubicYard, is reporting the same groundswell of discontent. Quite honestly, I believe that the ordinary NAMFS Member, just like the Members of the National Property Preservation Guild, are feeling a disconnection from their Leaders. There is an enormous undercurrent of animosity with respect to One Hundred Thousand Dollar a year Executive Director, Eric Miller and NAMFS President Adam Miles, refusing to man up and address issues of corruption head on.

To establish precisely how impotent and inept the NAMFS has become is to document the fact that this US Armed Forces Veteran met the fellow representatives of the larger National Order Mill and NAMFS Member whom owed the substantial amounts of money at a recent conference. Instead of having a discussion; instead of the Executive Director of NAMFS, Eric Miller, sitting the two parties down to come to an Agreement all that transpired was the superficial tipping of drinks purchased by the Sponsors whom were also defrauding other Contractors. In the recent case of SEAS LLC we brought to light the fact that Robert Kapeluch, Chief Executive Officer of SEAS LLC, was throwing around 100 dollar bills like confetti; sponsoring the NAMFS Presidential Gala costing tens of thousands of dollars while simultaneously being forced by Altisource to pay a Contractor the monies owed. Kapeluch’s initial demands to the Contractor, in typical NAMFS flair, demanded that the Contractor NEVER mention SEAS LLC‘s name EVER AGAIN or be sued. Today, SEAS LLC‘s Contract, supported by the legal division of Altisource, guarantees a lawsuit of $50,000 if you EVER REQUEST TO BE PAID by the owner’s of the properties! How do I say that Altisource‘s Legal Department supports it? Well, they know of the Contract and continue to send work to SEAS LLC.

The once proud National Association of Mortgage Field Services; the once great legacy of John Ward, is now nothing more than a Right of Passage much like that akin to the Mafia. In a single term of office, Eric Miller has single handedly destroyed the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. Every Member of the NAMFS I have spoken to stated they would have been amicable with the establishment of a Grievance Committee to field Complaints against NAMFS Members. Why? Almost each, to a fault, stated that it would tend to establish legitimacy. Each, additionally, questioned why a SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLAR PLUS PAY RAISE was ever given to folks like Eric Miller when they refuse to do anything other than collect a paycheck and hang the legitimate NAMFS Members out to dry.

This is the sad story of how a Monolithic Business Association was destroyed by a Blog originating in a County with one stop light. It wasn’t difficult; the reality was that all of the graft and corruption was there for everyone to see. Everyone, though, was afraid to put words to that which I write. The NAMFS refused to change their Business As Usual Policy; the fear of a constricting marketplace and lack of revenue prevented attention to honesty and integrity. John Ward, while not a saint as we will release over the holidays, at least knew that there had to be a modicum of legitimacy by and through legality to ensure that the US Government would never come in and begin to dismantle what is considered today to be the Silk Road of the Property Preservation Industry.

The gentleman I spoke with today was not unique in his dilemma. The NAMFS has, in similar fashion to Organized Crime, created and facilitated an umbrella of Companies whom cross state lines in the furtherance of criminal enterprises. To be clear, NAMFS does not have legal control over these Companies; however, the financial incentives create a lucrative environment which encourages lower Members to remain silent about the atrocities committed by the more Powerful NAMFS Members.

Safeguard Properties is a prime example. The reason that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services will not call Safeguard Properties on the carpet for their actions — not just their actions of screwing homeowners, but also screwing other NAMFS Members — is because Safeguard Properties holds sway over the lively hood directly or indirectly of most NAMFS Members.

Carol Boyd, owner of Boyd Property Preservation and Bronze Level Contributor to the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, is another example along with Heather Berghorst, NAMFS Board Member and owner of Berghorst Enterprises. Eric Miller is well aware of both cases wherein Boyd and Berghorst have defrauded Contractors and done absolutely nothing to intercede. Berghorst recently paid a law enforcement officer ONLY AFTER SHE WAS TAKEN TO COURT! I mean this is the epitome of Organized Crime!

You know, I would love to do nothing other than write Articles on Self Help stuff; talk about the dynamics of business, accounting, and contracting at the federal levels. I would love to post healthy Articles profiling NAMFS Company Owners; productive Podcasts with NAMFS Members and detailed roundtable discussions would be my goal. If and until the National Association of Mortgage Field Services chooses to become legal with respect to the corruption displayed by its Membership; its tacit treats and black balling of Contractors like myself for Exercising Free Speech; and the Establishment of a bona fide Grievance Committee to address the miscreants within the NAMFS Membership, my asymmetrical and protracted war with NAMFS and its Membership will continue unabated.

The reality is that Foreclosurepedia, while hated and despised by Contractors and Order Mills alike, is followed by each. We additionally are followed by Investors, Financial Institutions and now more importantly by Legislators. The Industry can have a Come to Jesus Moment and get real (which I do not believe will ever happen), they can kill me and my family (which was tacitly implied as a possibility last year), they can buy me out and pay me for the hours I have invested in my reporting (sound business move, but there are no sound business people in the Industry) or they will eventually testify in front of Grand Juries and Congress.

There is really no light at the end of the tunnel; it is nearly impossible to get right side up in an upside down deal. Most of the Regional Order Mills are heavily enmeshed in debt with trickle effect revenues coming in. Berghorst Enterprises and Boyd Property Preservation are classic case-in-points. The Exodus of Membership from the National Association of Mortgage Field Services is a testament to how John Ward’s dream has become a Nightmare Legacy for his remaining Family Members. Eric Miller and Adam Miles, NAMFS President and owner of Miles Preservation, should be proud.

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